Twin Flames: What Happens When We Meet Ours

Twin Flames: What Happens When We Meet Ours

Twin flames arrive in our life like the fire arises from the earth, that is to say, unexpectedly.

There’s a famous saying by life coach and transformational author Mimi Novic which mentions soulmates:

“We think we meet someone with our eyes. But we actually meet them with our soul.”

Our eyes are a mirror to our souls and when we dig deeper, we can chat with our twin flame, soul mate, or karmic partner.

Have you ever felt a total recognition to someone new in a relationship, as if you’ve met this person earlier?

Has the sense of belonging — and being in total harmony with that person — happened to be natural and in the flow?

Has fallen in love, at first sight, seemed like no word was needed — as if simply being together was the final outcome?

Then, if we ever experienced one of the above, it means we’ve encountered our twin flame.


But what is a twin flame exactly?

How does it differ from a soul mate?

Twin Flames are Not Soul Mates

First of all, it’s worth mentioning the differences between a twin flame and a soul mate. 

A twin flame has deep magnetism and reflects a divine connection. The soul was once one until it gets separated into two different bodies. Upon reunion, the feeling of having known each other is prevalent. 

A soul mate has no divine connection and has a different energy level than ours. Soul mates appear in our lives to make us evolve, change, and embrace new things in our life. 

The beauty of the soul mate can translate into a deep friendship or romantic partnership. But in the case of twin flames, the connection is deeper, more intense, and reminds us of a forever-known and long-awaited soul from the past. 

Second, if we find a twin flame, our mind, body, and soul are likely to be shaken up in various forms. 

Meeting with our twin flame will leave us with the feeling of relief, emotional connection of outer energy levels, and connection that is long-lasting like it’s existed forever. 

Upon encountering a twin flame, the eyes and soul connect instantly, the bodies are just physical forms in which our souls are trapped into. But the body sensations also feel dynamized in the case of a twin flame relationship. 

A deep sense of “everything is good” and that the emotions, sensations, feelings, and love that prevail and install naturally within each of the two bodies (but same soul) arise. 

The Soul Journey 

As we arrive back to a new body, we meet people of different energies that will teach something for us in our life so our souls can progress. The soul journey starts from a long time ago and continues from one body to another. 

The challenge is to recognize the symbols sent to us by the Universe. We don’t choose our body, we have one soul that permeates into this body for a limited time — the time to challenge us in order to, ultimately and inevitably, a better version of ourselves. 

It may take ages — years, centuries, millenniums  — for the soul to progress. Upon meeting a twin flame, the sense of going back to something deep and strong that has no age happen to be true. 

The soul journey directs us toward finding soul mates and twin flames for a reason: to challenge us, to progress, to make our soul evolve toward something new, better, and nicer. 

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