Wait For The One Who Loves You How You Deserve To Be Loved


Wait For The One Who Loves You How You Deserve To Be Loved

Does he love you how you deserve to be loved? 

Love in the real and reel life are hell and heaven different. Life isn’t a movie where a badass guy accidentally sees you in a railway station in a perfect candid, falls for you, and transforms himself completely to impress and marry you.

Your life isn’t a fairy tale either. You are no Cindrella or any damsel in distress waiting for the king to become a queen, get rid of step-parents or cruel in-laws and live happily ever after.

In reality, the concept of love, at first sight, is too good to be true. How can you truly love someone without knowing anything about them?  There is no harm in being as crazy, positive and hopeful as Hollywood movies depict. All you need to have is realistic expectations.

Love is more than cuddling, lingering kisses, butterflies in the pit of the stomach, late-night chats, exciting gifts, feeling simply entranced by each other’s good looks. Although, that is how we all wish our love life to be. 

But do you see yourself the way others do? Do you love yourself unconditionally? Pamper yourself with gifts and chocolates? Take care of your health? See the light in the darkness of life?


Remember you are unique

I wish every girl could realize her worth and stand for her dignity. It is heartbreaking to see strong, independent and wonderful women falling for cheaters, emotional predators, liars, narcissists.

Few years ago I was in love with a man and trusted him wholeheartedly. But he gambled everything and I was left with a stabbing pain.

To err is human but repeating the same mistakes is insane.

What I have observed is that a lot of us fix the broken pieces of our hearts and give those liars one chance after the other. We keep hoping for something good to happen though it was never meant to fulfill them.

We keep on believing that their praises, throwaway comments, vague texts were all true. That little sweet box of memories motivates you to try again and completely ignore that the man has outgrown you.

These men are aggressive manipulators with a charming smile. They know the tricks to get you back even if you want to withdraw the relationship. They have a big fat ego and can’t tolerate the fact that you’re not anymore. So, even if they are least interested, they will persuade you in the most romantic way possible and keep you hanging on to the failed relationship. Because they know that love is all that you are craving for.

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And you’ll lose yourself

You are naive and fail to know who they are. You’ll immerse yourself in that fake love, driven by your need for them. And you’ll compromise on your interests, career, and passion, which you wouldn’t usually, just in case it gets their attention. You may wear that red bold dress or eat fast food just because he likes it.

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But they still won’t love you. 


Because they are self-centered

They only love themselves, and only want you in their life to satisfy their ego. They are selfish and only love themselves.

But, not all men are alike. Learn to explore life and you will find there are wonderful men out there.

Why you deserve to be loved unconditionally? Watch this interesting video:

I have seen men who love and value their wives/lovers immensely. They strive for your happiness and support you during your worst and best.

They will respect differences and accept you with your flaws and teach you to love all the things that you hate about yourself. They will not play the victim role or blame games, show jealousy or neediness. They will just want you whole-heartedly. They will put your needs equal to or before their own needs.

A great relationship is about two things

You will get all the attention that you require. Instead of fear and anxiety, you will feel good and ecstatic. They will boost the positivity in you and help you chase your dreams.

You’ll keep crying for your ex as long as you have not met the love of your life. Once you meet the guy who love you the way you deserved to be loved and offer that grand romance, you will be happy to let go of that failed relationships in the past.

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So, I ask you to stop begging and chasing the guy who is hurting you intentionally, who doesn’t reply to your text, act jealous, possessive, consistently lie to you, abuse (physical, verbal, emotional) and make you feel worthless and hopeless.

Listen to your gut feelings, if it says he is a player. 

wait for the one who loves the way you deserve to be loved

Wait for the one who loves you how you deserve to be loved

Grieve for your losses but always remember that you deserve better. Pull yourself from the miniature breakdown and rise again. Don’t change your loving passionate heart. Promise yourself to never settle for anyone who only thinks of himself.  No matter how much loneliness suffocates you, you will have faith in yourself and wait for the person who will realize your worth and love you to the moon and back.

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Embrace yourself gracefully and stop feeling guilty for faults that aren’t yours. Surround yourself with positive people. You are free now and it is the best time to learn new stuff, work on your business plans, travel places, read books or start blogging that you always wanted to do, connect with old friends, engage in voluntary activities, and create the best version of yourself.

And one day someone will notice your radiant smile and fall head over heels and give you a life that is like a dream come true.  

Does you guy love you the way you deserve to be loved? Leave a comment. We are happy to have a conversation with you.

Wait For The One Who Loves You How You Deserve To Be Loved

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