Venus and Mars Meeting on October 5th, 2017: A Cosmic Rendezvous of Lovers that Won’t Repeat Itself till 2019.


Venus and Mars Meeting on October 5th, 2017: A Cosmic Rendezvous of Lovers that Won’t Repeat Itself till 2019.

Any reader who is acquainted with their elementary Roman myth will have heard of these names: Venus and Mars.

Venus, the Romanised version of the Greek Aphrodite, was the residing deity of beauty, passion, and love; The Romans considered her their mother as she was the mother of Aeneas, the hero of the Aeneid and the mythical founder of Rome.

It is not surprising that they decided to name the most beautiful celestial bodies, the ‘evening star’ after her.

Mars, the Latin version of the Greek Ares was the spirit of warfare, of bloodshed; a kind of hero to look up to for the Roman Empire.
The Red Planet, with its deserts of rust, reminded them of the bloodshed at war and hence the name.

Now myths say how Venus has married off to Vulcan the divine smith who was deformed and lame. However her heart belonged to Mars and like so many of the Mediterranean gods, they made love behind Vulcan’s back and also have a love child together, Harmonia.

Their love story is one for the bedtime stories. We will concern ourselves here to the celestial bodies.

The cosmic soulmates meet every two years. Their meeting, the meeting of love and war (is there even a distinction) creates a special cosmic energy that is one of a kind and can be especially useful to you.

What you should be doing is trying to piece together your memories of November 2015 and try to collate a trend or pattern in your behavior.

Speaking in terms of romances, you might want to introspect to see how much you have grown/progressed/regressed as this cycle comes to an end.

You never know, but it might cause quite the upheaval in your perspective towards love.

This year, their meeting in the constellation Virgo carries strong significance in the spheres of romantic love for all planets. Virgo, the virgin might portend a shift towards feminine energies on a global level, for everyone.

If we have to be absolutely discerning (and subtly sexist) masculine energy is all about the execution, of taking action, being outward and doing and being attacking.

Feminine energies are all about nurturing, creating, defending and reflecting and introspecting.
(If you want to see a literary illustration of this distinction, try reading the essays of Charles Lamb to see how he treats both these energies in the context of a text.)

Ideally, there should be a balance between the two: outward masculine energy and inward feminine energy. There should be harmony (Harmonia) when the two meet.

However, almost every one of us, from the first-hand experience would opine how the world always favored masculine energies over the feminine. That is just the world we live in.

This almost always creates an imbalance, this eschewing our creative, inward and reflective and most importantly intuitive side(s).

Speaking on a macrocosmic level, such excess of masculine energies can cause phenomena like wars and events arising from follies and foibles like greed and avarice. This stifling of creativity can never be of advantage; especially because it kills compassion and kindness.

So this meeting, should for us, be a sign to try and harmonize the Eros and Ares in us, that is the feminine and masculine in us.

If all of us take it upon us to do so, it would do the world well; “drops make the ocean” after all.

Of course, these principles and their amounts are subjective. Here are some tips to help balance them.

To bring more feminine energy into your life:

  1. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand things from their point of view. This is the stepping stone towards compassion.
  2. Tuning into your intuition and trusting the voice of your heart, instead of the rational brain.
  3. Responding with love and compassion rather than aggression or violence. Everyone deserves love; if you disagree, you probably don’t know the person enough.
  4. Tuning into your “inner” energy and spending time alone, reflecting and introspecting.
  5. Reflecting by writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal.
  6. Creating things or taking up a creative hobby.
  7. Spending time in nature. Henry David Thoreau did it and so did Herman Melville.

To bring more masculine energies into your life:

  1. Standing up for yourself if you are being taken advantage of. Revolutions start at home, they say.
  2. Taking steps forward towards your goals. You might shoot for the farthest star, but it will be in vain if you can’t design a rocket.
  3. Making a leap of faith or taking a calculated risk to get to where you want to be. Be Machiavellian; shift according to the situation.
  4. Expressing your emotions or feelings to others.
  5. Dealing with conflicts rather than hiding from the truth. Stop shying away.
  6. Taking responsibility for your actions. The first step towards both recognition and forgiveness, depending on the said action.
  7. Providing protection and support for your loved ones. Be their shield and sword.
  8. Vigorous exercise. A healthier body is the seat of a healthier and more rational mind.

Of course, it has to be you who has to decide what you need in your life. Letting someone else make that decision for you would be a sin.

The world today is in dire need of harmony; the journey starts with the individual. So while you try and dip into this cosmic energy, try and solve the conflicts within your own self.

This new cycle should in effect be your cue to try and reach the state of inner harmony you always wanted.

May this new cycle guide you into a life of better love and better reason, one in which you can think for yourself and also enjoy the pleasures the world has to offer to the fullest.


P.S: This cycle ends on August the 24th, 2019.

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    u mean i should go back to the person i dated in 2015? 😛 i think this event will bring love and peace to the world

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