10 Valuable Life Lessons From My Old Journals

Valuable Life Lessons From My Old Journals

9. Vulnerability Is Terrifyingly Beautiful

When I began journaling, I was terrified of revealing emotion, daunted by the prospect of my own vulnerability.  My journal held my sadness, my anger, my mistakes, and my imperfections so that I would never need to tell another soul that my life was far removed from the bubble of perfection in which I attempted to ensconce myself.

Gradually, I learned to open up about my true feelings, my problems, and my fears.  My vulnerability allowed me to see a tremendous amount of beauty in others, a sense of kindness and care that would have escaped me completely had I not spoken my truth.

Vulnerability is a terrifying, beautiful dichotomy, but you will never see the beauty in revealing your true feelings if you are unwilling to confront the terror.  Slowly learn to dismantle your walls, and you will reap the rewards of empathy, connection, and freedom.

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10. Believing In Your Abilities Will Take You Further Than You Know

My love of journaling transformed into a passion for writing, and before long, my goal was to become a published writer.  However, I constantly feared that publication was little more than an unreachable pipe dream, and I had nagging doubts about my writing abilities.

Believe In Yourself
10 Valuable Life Lessons From My Old Journals

Nine months after I first decided to pursue publication, my writing was published — on the very first attempt.  Today, I’ve had writing published both online and in print, authored viral articles, and become an editor for an online magazine.  Had I listened to my initial doubts about my writing abilities or given up at the first indication of rejection, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today.  My confidence in my abilities has flourished because I have never stopped believing in myself.

You may find yourself doubting your abilities, but recognizing your true talents will help forge a stronger sense of self-belief.  If you believe you can accomplish your goals, you will discover that you can achieve more than you have ever imagined. This is the last and one of the best life lessons!

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Written by: Kelly Douglas
Originally appeared on: The Psyched Writer
Republished with permission
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10 Valuable Life Lessons From My Old Journals
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