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25 Fascinating Psychological Effects Most of Us Don’t Know About

fascinating psychological effects most of us dont know about

Here Are Some Other Lesser Known Psychological Effects

11. Bizarreness effect

Bizarre content and materials are better remembered and more easily recalled than common material, phrases or sentences.

12. Von Restorff effect

Also known as the isolation effect. An isolated incident, information or stimulus is  more likely to be recalled than other homogeneous stimuli that don’t stand out.

13. Choice-supportive bias

A cognitive bias that involves a tendency to recall your choices as more effective and better than they were in reality after a decision has already been made.

14. Positivity effect

Older adults tend to prefer remembering positive material and information over negative ones in cognitive processing and memories.

15. Serial position effect

The tendency of people to better remember and recall items in the beginning or end of a sequence than the items in the middle.

16. Well travelled road effect

A cognitive bias where a traveller’s ability to accurately estimate the time taken to travel a route is influenced by their familiarity with that route.

17. Hawthorne effect

A form of reactivity where a person may alter or modify their behavior when they become aware that they are being observed or studied by others.

18. Less-is-better effect

A preference reversal where a person irrationally chooses the smaller, lesser or worse alternative when evaluating two options separately, but not together.

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19. Word superiority effect

We tend to recognize letters faster and easier when presented in a word rather than when they appear as isolated letters or nonword strings (unpronounceable arrangements).

20. Verbatim effect

A cognitive bias which makes someone recall the gist of a conversation or information rather than the exact information or the verbatim wording as memory typically retains general meaning over exact details.

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