15 Beautiful Unexplored Destinations You Should Definitely Add To Your Bucket List

15 Beautiful Unexplored Destinations You Should Definitely Add To Your Bucket List

To travel the world has to be a most common bucket list for all.

While we search for every nooks and cranny of the web, go through every travel magazines, they would only tell you about the same places over and over again.

What do we do then? There are so much of unexplored places on our Earth that are worth a visit. With beauty and cultures paralleled to those of the famous ones always flocked with tourists.

Here are few images of the most underrated places you should visit while you can!

15 Beautiful Destinations:

1. Sofia, Bulgaria

Beautiful destination 1

Sofia is one of the cheapest tourist cities out there when compared with other European capitals. The primary city of Bulgaria has a rich store of breathtaking historic architecture that is guaranteed to leave you spell-bound.

2. Roatan, Honduras

Beautiful destination 2

Roatan began to gain popularity with the appearance of divers, who come to the island for the fabulous Mesoamerican Barrier Reef. On the island itself, you have the chance to go fishing, and you can also explore the Cayos Cochinos archipelago.

3. Bangladesh

Beautiful destination 3

Bangladesh is a breathtaking beautiful land with a diverse culture and a rich history. Tourism may not be a well-developed sector of the economy here, but there are many places of interest: Maharaj mansions, the world’s largest mangrove coast, and the planet’s longest beach.

4. Salinas Grandes, Argentina

Beautiful destination 4

This is, in fact, a large salt marsh, 250 km long and 100 km wide. When it rains, it turns into a giant mirror. Although many railways and roads run through Salinas Grandes, it is still considered inaccessible and therefore not so popular among tourists.

5. Busan, South Korea

Beautiful destination 5

Busan is the second biggest South Korean city. It often gets called “the summer capital of Korea” because of its many beaches. Moreover, Busan is famous for its art museum, open bird sanctuary and a fish market.

6. Jose Ignacio, UruguayBeautiful destination 6

In winter (that is, during the South American summer), Jose Ignacio is clogged up with Latin American superstars, such as Shakira. That’s why you can find such things as luxury hotels and fashionable restaurants there. Jose Ignacio is the perfect place for people who have the means to enjoy a bit of luxury but can’t find the privacy they crave.

7. Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a small country in Southeast Asia. Only around 300,000 people visited the country in 2010, but three years later, that number had rose to over 2 million tourists. Tourism in the country is developing rapidly, but there is still time to go ride a boat on the isolated Inle Lake and catch the sunset reflecting off the Shwedagon Paya.

8. Koh Rong, Cambodia

The island of Koh Rong is perfect If you want a break from civilization. No skyscrapers, noise or cars here. There’s only silence, some peaceful fishing villages, and unspoiled nature. Koh Rong is sometimes described as “What Thailand was like 20 years ago.”

9. Zambia and Zimbabwe

This stunningly beautiful place similar to the Victoria Falls is already known to all. But it’s located close to Hwange National Park, which hardly anyone knows about. The park is enormous — 14,600 sq. km. It boasts lakes, rare plants and wild African animals and birds. Hwange is proud of its elephants (there are more than 30,000 of them there).

10. Manila, Philippines

Manila is the second largest city in the Philippines. It boasts utterly delicious and cheap food. A three-course dinner in Manila will cost you only $18. The city also has many attractions: old churches, beautiful palaces, monasteries and museums.

11. Ambergris Caye, Belize

The island of Ambergris Caye has a rich history. At various times, Indian Mayans, whale hunters and buccaneers have all lived there. Ambergris Caye today attracts divers from all around the world — it’s located near the Belize Barrier Reef, which is the second longest reef in the world.

 12. York, Great Britain

York is one of the most beautiful destinations and ancient cities in England. It has everything that there should be in an English town — pubs, tea houses, coffee shops, churches, old buildings, and so on. One of the main attractions of York is the truly magnificent cathedral (it is already more than 500 years old).

13. Apulia, Italy

A vacation in Apulia will let you explore: the azure sea, the red earth, golden sunsets, and most importantly, very hospitable locals. Besides lying on the beach, there are many places of interest which you can visit: Bari castle, the Santa Croce basilica, and the archaeological museum of Rignano Garganico.

14. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc is quite simply a paradise. The island is surrounded by snow-white sand beaches, water as pure as crystal, and emerald green jungles. Here you can go diving, canoeing and visit various farms. A vacation on Phu Quoc offers the chance to experience a tremendous feeling of unity with nature.

15. Kep, Cambodia

In the early 1908, Kep was the favourite destination of the French elite living in Cambodia. It was famous for its fantastic restaurants and expensive villas. But after years of civil war, the colonial Riviera was left in ruins. Despite this, nowadays Kep is a great place to relax.

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Beautiful Unexplored Destinations You Should Definitely Add To Your Bucket List
15 Beautiful Unexplored Destinations You Should Definitely Add To Your Bucket List

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