Tree Energy: Discover The Natural Healing Power Of Trees!


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Tree Energy: 11 Powerful Healing Trees and How Trees Help Us Heal

Do you know the power of Tree Energy? Read on to acquaint yourself with the natural healing power of trees!

Deeply rooted in Earth Energy and connecting the universal force of life, Trees are most definitely the most spiritually evolved living beings on this planet.

  • They are perenially in a meditative state and they use a very subtle form of energy as their language.
  • Taoist masters observed that besides converting Carbon Dioxide into Oxygen, trees absorb any negative energy and convert it into something useful.
  • The trees are firmly rooted in the earth and the more firmly the trees are rooted in the earth, the higher they reach the heavens above.
  • Being the most advanced spiritual beings, they absorb vitalities from mother earth and also from the higher realms of spiritual dimensions.
  • They co-exist with nature and humans and maintain the balance of the living world.

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What Is Tree Energy Healing?

Tree Energy

The relaxing and soothing effect you feel on your mind when you are in an area surrounded by trees is the process called Tree Energy Healing.

The healing abilities of trees are the result of ascended vibrational frequencies, that are slow, patient, and deeply penetrating. Therefore, a relationship with the tree is a mutually beneficial one that needs to be nourished.

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How Trees Help Us Heal?

Trees absorb negative energy. They help us free our overpowering and overwhelming feelings, emotions, and thoughts and release them into the universe.

These negative energies then get replaced with the healing and high vibrational life force of nature by the trees. This is how our energy blockages are removed.

This is the reason why sitting under a tree or living in the presence of trees feels so relaxing and calming. Tree Energy is the pulsating energy inside the trees that make us feel peaceful, safe, secure, grounded, and stable.

How Can Trees Heal People?

Study shows trees have a sense of touch and can feel emotions too. Trees have the ability to calm you down and help you let go of things that do not benefit your life. Tree energy can also end all your miseries.

However, such a relationship with trees needs to build up. You need to have an open mind about the healing abilities of the tree or else you will be creating blockages or resistance.

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11 Powerful Healing Trees

Tree Energy info

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have identified and exploited several herbs and plants for their healing and medicinal purposes.

  • The bugger trees, especially the Pines, are worth mentioning. They radiate Chi, nourish the blood system, strengthen the nervous system, and ensure longevity. Other than Pine trees, many other trees or plants can be used for healing negative energy. The larger trees contain the most energy.
  • Cypresses and cedars can bring down the temperature and channel Yin energy.
  • Willows fight the dry winds, remove excess moisture from our body, decrease blood pressure, and heal our urinary tract as well as bladder.
  • Elms have a calming effect on our mental energy and they also strengthen our gut health and stomach.
  • Maples also fight dry winds and help in pain relieving
  • Banyan (Indian Fig) tree can empower your heart chakra and it can also help to eliminate excess bodily moisture.
  • Cinnamon can assist you to get rid of cold from your system
  • Fir trees can heal bone fractures and bruises, and also reduce sweating.
  • Hawthorn improves digestion, fights low blood pressure, and strengthens the intestine.
  • Birches reduce body temperature and excess body moisture along with helping detoxify the body.
  • Prunes help our spleen, pancreas, and stomach, and it also has a calming effect on our mind.

The most powerful trees are the ones that grow near running water and tap into its healing energy.

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How Do I Communicate With Trees?

To successfully tap into the tree energy and establish communication, first, you have to believe that trees are more humane than we think! When we speak to trees, they can feel it and also respond to our energy in their own way.

As you choose to begin working with tree energy, you have to be mindful of the fact that a tree is nothing but a counterpart of you and all that it’s asking of you to be more responsible and caring toward nature.

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Tree energy has the power to unlock your intuition and help you advance on your spiritual journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can trees hear you talk to them?

Although trees don’t have ears, several biologists and scientists are of the opinion that trees can understand and respond when we talk to them.

Is tree hugging good for mental health?

Yes, it is a widely accepted fact that the act of hugging trees increases the level of the hormone oxytocin and reduces stress, making us feel calmer and more relaxed.

Can trees sense human feelings?

Certain study shows that trees recognize and respond when we talk to them.

Do plants react to human voices?

It has been put forward by several biologists and researchers that plants and trees do react to human voices.

Tree Energy
Tree Energy
Tree Energy
Tree Energy
Tree Energy How Trees Help Us Heal Pin
Tree Energy
tree energy healing

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  1. R.G.LALA Avatar

    Beautiful. Thanks for your efforts. I am fond of trees.

    I talk to Tree and they guide me.

    My suggestion is that you don’t read Ghost Stories, because indirectly they affect our Subconscious Mind And thus we loose our energy.

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