Toxic Children: 4 Signs and How To Deal

toxic children

It’s not necessary that adults will be toxic every time. Sometimes kids can adopt toxic characteristics too. Toxic children are disruptive in nature and are rude to their parents and others around them. They usually have temper problems and bad attitudes and show a complete disregard for any kind of rules.

Toxic Children – An Overview

There are times when children often rebel at their homes. They do not want to listen to their parents or respect their opinions or rules in the house. Rebelling is a normal part of growing up and most children upon reaching adolescence exhibit this behavior which can be a completely normal process of growing up.

However, when these rebellions start to get more frequent and more intense, it becomes a cause of worry for parents.

Toxic children no longer start respecting the established rules and even disrespect the people around them. This can lead to serious problems arising for the whole family, especially for the children themselves.

Parents in turn get overwhelmed and exhausted dealing with their children. They dread having to face their child and the environment of the home turns hostile. A vicious cycle ensues when the parents try to gain back control and the child gets more defensive and rebellious in nature.

This creates a breach in the nature of the parent-child relationship and can start to create serious problems for the child at a later stage in their lives. Dealing with toxic children can be one of the most irritating, confusing, heartbreaking, and humiliating challenges individuals have to face as parents.

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How Do You Recognize A Toxic Child?

It can be easy to confuse the signs of toxic children with that of normal adolescents exhibiting age-appropriate behavior, which can be completely natural. However, there are some differences between the two which can be found out if examined closely.

Some of the warning signs of toxic behavior in children are:

1. Challenging the parents

When your child starts to challenge you or your decisions and tries to engage you in a hostile or aggressive game, it can be a warning sign of a toxic child. If you find your child always challenging or questioning your rules, how insignificant it might be, you know you have a problem at hand!

2. Breaking rules

Often, an adolescent will break rules set by their parents or in schools, now and then. However, when this becomes more and more frequent, and the child shows no sign of remorse, it can be a sign of a toxic child. The child shows a complete disregard for punishments and continues to break rules as a way of challenging the parents.

3. Ordering their parents and throwing tantrums

When a child starts ordering one or both parents and exerts a nature of command over simple activities like deciding the mealtime, bedtime, or screen time allowed, just for the reason of not making him/her angry, it can be a red alert to watch out for.

4. Lack of empathy and manipulation

If your child is exhibiting capricious attitudes or tries to manipulate others for their own benefit, it can be a warning sign for you. Toxic children try to emotionally manipulate and blackmail other people, especially their parents for their own selfish gains. They show a complete lack of empathy and partake in unscrupulous activities. Lack of empathy can be a warning sign for toxic children.

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