Finding Light In The Darkness: Top Mental Health Podcasts To Inspire And Support You


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Top Mental Health Podcasts For Empowerment And Growth

Navigating a stormy sea of emotions? Are you searching for a lighthouse to show you the way towards mental well-being? Let us explore the top mental health podcasts that will empower and uplift your spirits. 

In this digital era, podcasts have become the lighthouse of hope, offering inspiration and support. It’s time to set sail on a transformative journey! Whether you listen to the best mental health podcasts on Spotify or any other platform, these can undoubtedly empower you to live a healthier and happier life.

best mental health podcasts

5 Best mental health podcasts you must listen to

Mental health is something we all should talk about more openly. When you listen to mental health, you can experience relaxation, insight and calmness at the same time. Here are the best mental health podcasts 2023 worth listening to for inspiration and support, listed in no particular order.

1. The Hilarious World of Depression

If you are looking for free mental health podcasts, this is the place to get started. With over 300 fascinating episodes covering topics from anxiety to addiction, this podcast about depression is one of the best known top mental health podcasts. 

Host John Moe takes a lighthearted but insightful look at living with mental illness. With celebrity interviews and interesting discussions, this podcast will make you laugh and reflect at the same time.

This is one of the best podcasts for depression that aims to normalize mental health conversations in a relatable and understandable way.

This top mental health podcast is witty, interesting and – as the title suggests – often hilarious. John aims to remove the stigma around mental illness by spreading awareness through comedy.

If you struggle with depression, anxiety or any other condition, this podcast will remind you that you’re not alone. Listen for a dose of levity and inspiration as this is one of the podcasts to listen to for mental health.

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2. The Anxious Achiever

Productivity tips, inspirational interviews and research-backed strategies – The Anxious Achiever podcast delivers all this and more when it comes to thriving with anxiety and stress.

Host and anxiety expert Margarita Tartakovsky interviews high-achieving guests and talks about managing anxiety, overcoming perfectionism and boosting resilience.

One of the best top mental health podcasts for reducing anxiety symptoms, this show offers support and tools for living your best life despite setbacks. The podcast helps listeners develop an attitude of gratitude, self-compassion & prioritizing joy. 

If you struggle with achieving balance due to anxiety, this top mental health podcast is a great place to start.

3. Therapist Uncensored

Led by licensed psychotherapist Mollena Williams, Therapist Uncensored delivers wise, candid and brutally honest conversations on mental health. Over 200 fascinating episodes tackle everything from grief and anxiety to self-love and racism. 

Mollena interviews fellow therapists, psychologists and mental health advocates about their personal journeys and professional insights. This top mental health podcast gives you a behind-the-scenes look at being a therapist while exploring your own mental wellbeing. 

Listeners praise Mollena’s warm, relatable and comforting voice as it feels like talking to a wise friend. Grounded in research yet approachable, Therapist Uncensored is one of the best for fostering deeper self-awareness and insight into overcoming challenges. 

This is undoubtedly one of the best mental health podcasts for young adults and grownups.

Looking for more podcasts to listen to for mental health? Read on.

4. The Mental Illness Happy Hour

With over 550 insightful episodes so far, The Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast has become a go-to resource for many listeners. Host and comedian Paul Gilmartin interviews celebrities, authors and everyday folks about their struggles with mental illness, addiction and emotional pain.

This top mental health podcast aims to reduce stigma and bring listeners comfort in knowing they are not alone in their struggle. It helps listeners through deeply empathetic yet unfiltered conversations about mental health issues ranging from depression to trauma. 

Paul also shares his own personal experiences to relate to listeners. With such raw honesty and vulnerability, this podcast serves as an inspiration that you can move past mental illness.

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5. Good Therapists

Led by psychologist David Burns, Good Therapists shines a spotlight on the best and most cutting-edge therapists for overcoming common issues like anxiety, depression and relationship conflicts

Coupled with practical tips from evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this top mental health podcast helps you gain clarity on managing emotions and becoming happier. So if you are looking for the best podcasts for depression, this is a great place to pause and reflect.

Listeners praise this podcast about depression and other mental health issues for providing a unique perspective on solutions through interviews with skilled therapists that cover topics like 

  • Assertiveness training
  • Managing anger
  • Boosting self-esteem

Witty, research-backed and jam-packed with wisdom, this podcast showcases how therapy can truly change your life for the better. If you’re looking for inspiration to seek professional help, Good Therapists may be the push you need.

best mental health podcasts

Want to know more about the best free mental health podcasts? 

Here are some other great and helpful best mental health podcasts for young adults and grownups that are absolutely free –

  • Taking Care with Michelle Harper
  • Feeling Good with David Burns
  • This Jungian Life
  • Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

There are many more best depression podcasts that you can listen to, but the above ones are my personal top picks that can help anyone get over a slump and rise up again. 

Why listen to the top mental health podcasts 2023

Why should you listen to the best podcasts on mental health? How can the best mental health podcasts Spotify help you? Here is why you should listen to the best podcasts on mental health whether on Spotify, YouTube or any other platform –

1. Mental health awareness

They normalize mental health struggles by sharing personal stories and interviews in an open, honest and non-judgmental way. This helps reduce stigma and social isolation for listeners.

2. Research-backed information 

The best mental health podcasts on spotify provide research-backed strategies and tools to cope with anxiety, depression and stress in practical, actionable ways. Listeners gain ideas for how to manage symptoms and improve emotional wellbeing.

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3. Relatable and personal

The hosts of the best podcasts about mental health have authenticity and vulnerability that creates connection with listeners. They share aspects of their own journeys with mental illness to illustrate that recovery and growth are possible.

4. Inspiration 

The best mental health podcasts spotify showcase inspiring examples of people managing mental health issues successfully to give listeners hope and motivation. Listeners gain ideas for how to move forward positively in their own lives.

5. Expert advice

Several of the best depression podcasts feature expert guests like therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists who provide deeper insights into evidence-based treatments and strategies. Listeners gain clarity on managing issues from a professional perspective.

6. Self-awareness

These podcasts aim to spark self-reflection and foster self-awareness in listeners. They prompt thoughts and realizations that can inspire personal growth and transformation with mental health challenges.

These top mental health podcasts serve as reminders that you’re not alone in your struggles. They provide encouragement, community and tools that listeners find supportive and inspiring on mental health journeys.

Set sail towards better mental health

best mental health podcasts

The best podcasts about mental health use stories, research and expert advice to inspire hope, support and empowerment when dealing with mental illnesses and emotional pain.

The authenticity, insights and motivation they provide make them worth listening to for a boost of mental health and wellbeing. 

These mental health podcasts can be our guiding companions, reminding us that we’re never alone on this unpredictable journey called life. 

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mental health podcasts

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