A Shoutout To All The Beautiful Women Out There: Please Don’t Settle

A Shoutout To All The Beautiful Women Out There: Please Don't Settle

Please Don’t Settle

In our race to gratify our body clocks, we women often settle for the second-best or third or fourth, as the case may be. This is a plea to all my fellow women who find themselves in a situation where they have to choose. Please don’t settle.

Please don’t settle for a job you abhor.

Don’t live in a town where you feel like an alien. Don’t be friends with people who are anything but your friends. Last but not least, don’t settle for a relationship where you don’t feel loved.

A Shoutout To All The Beautiful Women Out There: Please Don't Settle


You deserve better.

You want someone who can laugh at your silly jokes and kiss you and hug you warmly after you come back home from a long day at work. You need someone who needs no reason to hold your hands now and then.

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Choose the one who not only wants to be with you at night but also in the mornings.

Someone who loves to see the sun shining on your face and wakes you up with all the delightful things you love to eat. Who hums funnily the songs you like, just to make you laugh. Fall for someone who takes you in the midst of nature and shows you his favorite place and then kisses you there as the sun sets.

You are a lovely combination of strength and gentleness, love and determination. You are kind but also enigmatic. You are everything that makes a woman desirable. So, settle for someone who can ignore your flaws and has eyes only for your lovely heart.

Don’t give your heart to the man who texts you abruptly at 3 am or when you are enjoying yourself at a party without him or whenever you are happy and having fun with others.

It is stupid to not know your worth and suffer in the company of a guy who plays mind games and says hurtful things to you or is a compulsive liar.

Don’t drown yourself into someone who sees only your face and body because you are better than that and some more.

You may think it is the end of the world. You feel helpless and terrified of being alone. But, in reality, there is a lot more in this world for you than you think you deserve.

There will be a man who will love each and every freckle on your face and when he touches them with his fingers you will get goosebumps. He will hold you tight when there are fireworks all around, on the 4th of July. He won’t stop kissing you and you will feel dizzy with every kiss and touch. In fact, you will feel ecstatic.

He will never forget to respond to your calls and messages and plan dates. He will choose you for what you are and will love you truly every moment of every day.

So, you must promise that you will not fall for a poor and cheap imitation of love. You won’t ignore it when you know the kiss of the man in your life is bereft of feelings. You won’t spend your nights with someone who leaves much to be desired.

Better and sweeter things await you.

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Don’t settle for something that is cold and doesn’t excite you. Don’t settle for anything short of happily ever after and you will know when it is that. Just wait for it.

Because it will be the most beautiful thing you can imagine. You will find it, for sure.

31 thoughts on “A Shoutout To All The Beautiful Women Out There: Please Don’t Settle”

  1. Avatar of Stacy

    You actually can’t promise that everyone will find the perfect man. What you can promise is that being alone will make you much happier than being with the wrong person.

  2. Avatar of Moira

    And while waiting love yourself every day. Do something that keeps you true to who you are, build on that so when you meet the right one he is not distracted by a facade.

  3. Avatar of Kevin Sissons

    Be careful. A lot of problems come from the inability to make a decision, which a lot of women refer to as “settling.” Life is imperfect. Don’t settle for the old ways of thinking but make sure you have solid ground under your feet. You can’t drink champagne on a beer budget, not for long, at any rate.

  4. Avatar of Hannah Elvin

    I’m so glad to follow The Minds Journal. Almost every post seems to relate to me on such a deep level. It’s almost as if the writers know me as a person. To read posts and realise other people understand what I have been through is so theraputic. More pages should be like this. Especially when you create posts like this that empower women and give us strength. Thank you 🙂

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