10 Useful Tips For Emotional Problem Solving

Tips Emotional Problem Solving

Solving the never-ending problems that life throws at you can make you feel overwhelmed, and naturally so. But when it comes to the practice of emotional problem solving, it is not actually as impossible as it might seem when you are faced with a ton of them. You just need to know the right ways to deal with them.

Right now, we all have more than our fair share of problems: not just the pandemic, inequality, and the economy but also interpersonal issues, which can loom much larger with all of this. Here are some tips for staying emotionally balanced and getting those annoying problems solved.

Here Are 10 Useful Tips for Emotional Problem Solving

1. Step away from a problem that is vexing you at the moment, and do something completely different. 

This is a tried-and-true way of giving yourself the mental room to find an answer or let one come to you. Just remember to return to whatever you were working on after you take a break. (I am now going to put up the patio umbrella and will come back to this in a few minutes).

2. Create a comfortable space just to be and relax (like the patio) and spend some time there.

Not specifically to solve the problem du jour but to relax or even space out for a little while. Again, this works very well for most people and often leads to creative ideas.

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3. Verbalize the problem to yourself. 

No, you are not crazy if you talk to yourself. I often read my columns aloud before I finalize them. Sometimes you hear something that you need or something that you should let go of. Either way, the process is a solid one, as long as it doesn’t become your only means of communication!

4. Talk to a friend, a companion, or a therapist if you need to sort out some issues. 

We all know therapy works if you put a little energy into it, and advice from a trusted friend is also reliable. Talking through a problem with another person is how most people figure things out. Weigh what you hear with what you know, and find a balance.

5. Don’t put your problems out on social media. 

Doing it is truly like jumping into shark-infested waters with a bucket of chum. I have seen people get ripped to shreds by trolls and haters, and if you are in a sensitive emotional place, that can damage your spirit. If you do message your friends about your pain, be sure to ask them to keep it private.

6. Figure out where the problem is coming from. 

Is this a problem because of the pandemic, or have you been dealing with this forever and are just sick and tired of being sick and tired? Some problems take more time to solve than others, and other problems are just inside our own heads. Isolate the source to make it easier to deal with.

Emotional Problem Solving
Emotional Problem Solving

7. Adjust your point of view. 

Perhaps you are being triggered by the pain of the past or fears of the future, either of which can influence the way you perceive a problem. Imagine how you would resolve things if life were back to normal, and get your priorities in order. People are more important than things—always.

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