This Inkblot Test Will Reveal If You Are Dreamer, Believer, Free Spirit, Genius, Or Surrealist

This Inkblot Test Will Reveal If You Are Dreamer, Believer, Free Spirit, Genius, Or Surrealist

You may have encountered other inkblot quizzes online, but the one you are about to take below, has better accuracy than most. There is an instant analysis for each response you choose after looking at the blot. You will then be shown the personality characteristics usually found in people with your particular response.

For instance, if you respond that the blot looks like a Flower, you may be told that people who chose flowers are DREAMERS AND FREE SPIRITS. You will then click on whether this description is an accurate or inaccurate assessment of who you are. Then you will go on to the next inkblot. Try not to overthink your response; clicking the answer that most closely matches your first impression of what you see, will yield the most accurate analysis.

Let us know if the results you get resonate with how you see yourself.

Source – Sungazing

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  1. I got the Charismatic Leader! ! But how accurate is this test really? Because, there were MANY ink blots I saw pictures of everything listed… And I couldn’t choose ‘all of the above’ so I must be a mix of all the results then..

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