Think Like a Warrior, Feel Like a Poet!


I’m on a mission to help awaken and heal the feminine within ourselves and the world.

From the Vedic tradition, the feminine is our source of nourishment and vitality. If this aspect is repressed or disempowered within ourselves, you can bet that a lot of shit happens. Our life path becomes unfulfilling and unclear, it particular affects our relationships, or lack thereof. We’re likely to get bullied by others and be amidst toxic situations and people. Ultimately we are disconnected from our sense of self – the home of innate power.

We know however that the feminine is awakening from centuries old oppression. As the imbalanced masculine force expressed as patriarchy – the shadow, rises, Shakti, our feminine life force energy fights back.

She is everything that moves, our emotional and mental waves, our breath. Archetypes include the moon, earth and water; she is creator and destroyer; she is the warrior and the healer, for everything in this universe is animated by her energy.

Are you awake and alive to this potent and vibrant energy within? Do you create your world consciously or does life just happen and pass you by?

Disconnection from our divine feminine power leads to so many consequences. Here are a few:

  • Unconscious emotional reactions to external circumstances
  • Intense emotional pain and suffering
  • Lack of clarity and feeling stuck on how to move forward
  • Experience of self-doubt, fear, anxiety and other draining emotions
  • Lack of nourishment and support from others
  • Chaos and disharmony in relationships and personal situations
  • Lack of motivation to step into our power and true purpose


This disconnection from Shakti, our goddess power, is also a disconnection from our mental body. Yet, we can use our minds to enter our emotional body, our source of power.

How? Through writing or journaling! Through directing our thoughts on to paper to see what is actually going on internally.

The mind is like the cosmic moon, its nature is to move in cycles, influencing the emotional waves. Our mind can be a great nourisher, like the ocean, if we keep it in sync with our inner waters (the feeling body). The mind however, is not grounded in the real and the now. 

Watch, therefore, your mind, but trust only your feelings!

We need to anchor the mind to the body, which exists in the present moment.

To create a bridge between our mind and body, we need to think like a warrior and feel like a poet! Train the mind by having a daily journaling practice—ideally in the morningsthis is sometimes called ‘morning pages’ or a ‘stream of consciousness writing’. This practice relieves stress, chaos, confusion and releases our repressed or pent up emotions. Confronting our thoughts takes courage. We need the energy of the warrior!


Martial artists naturally embody the warrior archetype; we work on training our minds regularly to succeed in sparring matches and in general when training. In my kung fu practice we are always moving towards a goal, always gleaning the inner layers to find a balance between stillness and movement. Even Bruce Lee honoured the feeling body, “Don’t think, feeeel!” he says in Enter the Dragon. Master how the mind operates, awaken to the feminine, the feeling body –this is where power resides. Self-discipline and repetition is key for this self-mastery.

Learn to feel like a poet, keep the pen moving, writing down anything and everything that comes to mind. This may be your daily fears; express your pain! Whatever comes through. As you write, you’ll notice that you’ll naturally move from the level of mind to the level of feeling. Be playful if you wish. Doodle. Scribble. Draw. Colour. Or just write. This clears stagnant energy from the mental body and also moves stuck energy from the other ‘Koshas’, or layers of our being, including the emotional, physical and spiritual.

Writing is an embodiment practice. Pen and paper become an extension of our physical body. Ink becomes Shakti. Our feelings, however raw or poetic, become expressed and anchored visually. This is a way to awaken and pin point the matter that is dormant or unconsciously whirling around our energy field, triggering unpleasant emotions.

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