11 (Totally Not Crazy) Things To Know About Dating A Cat Lady

Dating A Cat Lady? Fun Things To Know About Her

So, you’re dating a cat lady? But hold up, she’s not the stereotypical “crazy” type, and there aren’t ten cats running around her place. She’s more than “obsessed cat lady,” let’s learn more about why she wears that label with pride. 

Classy, confident, and super independent, she embodies all of the charming qualities of a great (totally not crazy) romantic partner! Here are some of the characteristics of a person who loves cats!

When you’re dating a cat lover remember life is a choice, and honestly, it’s a pretty awesome one. I mean, who can resist those adorable feline faces?

Cats are not just cute; they’re also independent, wear their hearts on their furry sleeves, and make fantastic stand-ins for human best friends. And dating a cat lady personality type means so much more!

things you need to know before dating a cat lady

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So, Here are 11 things you need to know before dating a cat lady

1. The Cat Always Comes First!

Cats come first for her. Cats are not just pets, but rather members of the family. Don’t be surprised if she has to stay home nursing her cat back to health or spends hours playing with them. Accept that she loves cats unconditionally.

2. Expect Cat Hair Everywhere

One of the most essential characteristics of a person who loves cats is that she has a special kind of relationship with her cat’s fur; it’s like a proud badge of honor.

You’ll find it on her clothes, furniture, and maybe even in your dinner. Rather than fretting about the little hairs on all your belongings, embrace the fuzziness and consider it as a small price to pay for being around both her and that adorable furball.

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3. She Is Very Good at Multitasking

One of the most fun cat lovers personality traits is being an expert at multitasking. From typing emails with one hand to holding a brush in the other, she can do it all seamlessly.

So, get ready for some impressive juggling tricks – managing needs of both human and pet creates serious skill requirements.

4. You Will Never Be Alone Again!

One thing that dating a cat lady guarantees is that you will never feel lonely again. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book or just having quiet time, there will always be a cat next to you.

They make great company and you will soon learn how much the purring cuddler means to you.

5. Everything Is Going To Be A Cat Themed!

The cat lady personality type’s house is filled with various items related to cats: humorous decorations or mugs shaped as cats, as well as many others in between are clear indications of someone who loves feline creatures so much they would decorate their abode that way too!

Join this lifestyle and maybe even fall in love with these cute little faces!

6. She’s Independent but She Wants You Around

Dating a cat lover means you’re dating someone who is independent and self-sufficient. Although she might have a solo cat cuddle session, she’ll be delighted to see you stick around. While allowing her space, be a part of her world obsessed with the feline. Take part in vet visits, play with cats and show a genuine interest in her furry family.

7. Expect Endless Cat Stories 

Get ready for lots of stories about cats. Cat ladies love sharing stories about their pets and you will probably hear about all sorts of funny incidents, weird habits and touching moments that make each cat unique. Show some genuine concern and she will fall even harder for you.

8. Gifts for the Cat Are Gifts for Her

Bear in mind that anything related to cats makes a perfect gift for the cat lady personality type. These may include gourmet treats, attractive accessories themed on cats or even new scratching posts.

9. She Has a Soft Spot for Strays

Typically, cat ladies fancy stray cats and cannot resist getting one for themselves when they find one. Be ready for a growing family of cats. This connection will only get stronger as you open your heart to these needy kittens.

10. Patience Is Key When It Comes To Her

Cats are complex and finicky animals, so dating a cat lady needs patience. Whether it is winning the trust of a timid cat or unfolding the meaning of a meow, patience is needed to win both the woman’s and the cat’s hearts.

11. She’s Going To Give You Unconditional Love

Ultimately, knowing that dating a cat lady amounts to loving like never before. Her love for her cats knows no bounds and this affects her romantic relationships with people too. Learn to accept idiosyncrasies, treasure moments, and in turn have an association filled with warmth, laughter, and gentle purring of contentment.

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To conclude, dating a cat lady is an exceptional experience that adds value to life. With love, patience and acceptance of furry family members you will surely obtain happiness within a relationship with a self-assured sophisticated girlfriend who isn’t afraid of huge responsibilities!

cat lady personality type

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