The Two Different Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign’s Personality

the two different faces of each zodiac signs personality

Olive Schreiner once said, “Everything has two sides”.

This statement is true in every sphere of life. Light is incomplete without darkness, life has no value in the absence of death. Even a coin has two faces, and so is the case with us, human beings.

We too have two different humans residing inside us. We have both, the positive and the negative, inside us. It, then, depends on us that how we use both sides of our personality.

This article will deal with each zodiac signs one-by-one and we will talk about the two faces of each of them.

Here Are The Two Different Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign’s Personality

1. Aries


Aries are elevated spirited beings with plenteous zeal and energy for life. These people are highly motivated, ardent, and impassioned, and hence they are able to fill their surroundings with enthusiasm. They don’t believe in giving up and never take a back step in taking up a challenge.

Though, when we try to deconstruct their character a bit further, we start noticing the aggressive and dominant side of their nature. They get disturbed by small things and can have anger issues too. However, if they learn to take advantage of their own aggression; they can become a knight in shining armor.


2. Taurus


Taurus are those people who believe in stability and long-term relationships. They strive hard to live a life in a stable environment. Working hard to earn enough for their easy life is a part of their nature. They love consistency in life and hence, are reliable partners for a long-term relationship.  

Everything is fine till they start behaving like their zodiac sign. When they start behaving like a bull that doesn’t compromise or acts stubborn, the real problem arises. They sometimes tend to be more demanding and possessive as a partner, which then leads to a heap of problems.


3. Gemini

The Two Different Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign's Personality

Gemini is the twins. And they do behave as if there is a twin residing inside the single soul. They are generally considered to be extrovert, outgoing social animals that have a huge list of friends. They are always up for any adventures and never shy away in the company of strangers.

The other twin inside their soul is completely different. This one is very impulsive and restless in nature. This side of their nature comes to fore only when they are depressed and sad.


4. Cancer


Cancer is loyal, emphatic, and deeply devoted people. They tend to care for others and provide a shoulder to the ones who are in need. Although they don’t open up easily, they are great listeners. They are very kind, and genuine people, therefore, they are often mistreated by others.

With Cancer, it’s not their other side, but their same face brings about tons of problems to them, which affects their life. They fall prey to anxiety disorders and depression rather easily. These people only need to start believing in themselves and end their self-judgmental acts.


5. Leo


They are the born-leaders and are famous for stealing the spotlight. They readily take the reins in their hands and therefore, always end up commanding. These people are ambitious, energetic, and confident people.

Though, they possess a face different from what we discussed above. They can come across as self-absorbed persons. Although they are very friendly in nature, yet they can sometimes seem artificial.


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