Why You Should Never Tell Your Dreams and Aspirations To Anyone

Why You Should Never Tell Your Dreams Aspirations Anyone

This is why you should never tell your dreams and aspirations to anyone. The things we share with others have a direct impact on our lives.

The best way to avoid negativity in our relationships, our aims or plans or in our general life is to watch for the things we say and share with people.

When we are on a journey to manifest our reality, bring our ideas together or put our heart forth it’s important we put our vision to ourselves. By keeping silent we not can focus on the positive aspects to reach our goals but also avoid the negative vibes from others.

By keeping silent we can focus on the positive aspects to reach our goals and also avoid the negative vibes from others.

Not everyone believes in their dreams or even themselves for that matter so when they come to hear about your great vision they will immediately shoot it down and sometimes even make fun of you. This negativity can come from anyone, your friends or even close family members.

You should only share and discuss your ideas and vision with someone who believes in you and themselves and will work wholeheartedly to bring your vision to reality.

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Many people (raises hand) don’t understand this and they share their vision with someone who can’t understand it and get discouraged when they don’t understand and don’t believe them. They start doubting themselves and their vision. Countless dreams died this way (including mine of course).

When someone is unaware of their true potential, they project life from a limited point of view, don’t let their view shadow your vision.

They start doubting themselves and their vision. Countless dreams died this way (including mine of course). When someone is unaware of their true potential, they project life from a limited point of view, don’t let their view shadow your vision.

Be at peace with everything that comes your way because that’s how they are meant to be. Don’t rush things. You don’t want everything happening right now, at the same moment. Be grateful for the present you have right now. Be peaceful and don’t get into arguments that disrupt your inner peace.

No one will see you with your own eyes – not even the image you’ve created for yourself is real. Let go of the need to show yourself to others in the light of that image, when those people only see the world through their own eyes and it looks as ‘real’ to them as it does to you. Don’t waste your energy on words to show and prove to somebody that you are not what they see.

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The key lies in staying silent, laying low.

Take the plant, for example, we don’t see the struggle or work of the seed under the dirt it’s only when it flourishes we see it. In silence, you pull your energy and creativity to work instead of scattering it and putting it up for judgment.

When the seeds of your visions bud then everyone will notice it and without speaking a single word you have brought to reality your dreams and in the meantime inspired hundreds of those who had a hard time believing in them.

No one could ever change you, so it means that your presence won’t change anybody either. Don’t mind people, don’t worry about them, just take care of yourself.. You can’t even do that without the proper guidance of the Creator who takes care of you, protects and leads you through life. It’s worthless putting in your energy trying to prove yourself to someone.

Now there is also another side to this story, some of you may argue that opening up your vision invites criticism which gives chance for improvement and an opportunity to better our ideas, I agree on this but the point is this is fruitful only when we grow the balls to take constructive criticism and not feel down or be influenced by the negativity.

Once we know we are in control and things other people say isn’t going to alter your determination or vision you can go for it and share but till then the quieter you become the more you accomplish.

The Reason You Should Never Tell Your Dreams and Aspirations To Anyone
The Reason You Should Never Tell Your Dreams and Aspirations To Anyone
Why You Should Never Tell Your Dreams Aspirations Anyone Pin

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    Completely true and is happening all the time. Thankyou for your message.

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