Your Drunk Personality Is Really The True You, According To Science


Your Drunk Personality True According Science

Do you think your drunk personality and reality personality has hell and heaven difference?  Don’t give me that look, not me, science says ‘the drunk you is real you’.

Every time we are drunk we do some stupid act like calling our ex or abusing our neighbour. Even we don’t act like that, at least we feel we are doing something foolish during our drunk state. Once we are back to our real-self, we blame our drunken alter ego for stupidity and irrational acts, But not any more fellas, science says that your drunk personality in all entirety is real you.

According to a study conducted by the University of Missouri, none except you can pretty much tell the difference between drunk you and sober you.

Saddening? Heartbreaking? Upsetting? Lol

Researchers divided volunteers into groups, some were given alcohol with sprite and other just plain soda. Then they were asked to perform a few activities in the presence of observers.

The results are pretty baffling, the participants who were on alcohol felt the change in themselves that the observers didn’t notice.

The drunken participants felt changes within their senses but the observant failed to notice any.

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Those volunteers who were on alcohol felt reported a lower level of consciousness, felt they were more agreeable, more open to experiences, and felt more extroverted. However, the observant only noticed them being more extroverted, rest didn’t make the cut.

Alcohol doesn’t really change your personality.

To sum it up people notice you start getting loud, extroverted and being more outgoing after a few pegs down, the rest it’s all in your head.

So the next time you wake up with a hangover and wonder how awful last night you were, just know ‘not really as bad as you think’.

It’s kind of comforting to know that you don’t really get awkward situations when then drunk. It also means you don’t turn into that fun-loving super cool dude, you just remain the same as you are, just a little bit stinky of course.

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As University of Missouri social psychologist, Rachel Winograd said, “We were surprised to find such a discrepancy between drinkers’ perceptions of their own alcohol-induced personalities and how observers perceived them. Participants reported experiencing differences in all factors of the Five-Factor Model of personality, but extraversion was the only factor robustly perceived to be different across participants in alcohol and sober conditions.”

Are you wondering why alcohol changes your perceptions about yourself?

Well, alcohol has a placebo effect and you just assume that drinking means you will loosen up and start talking anything and everything. Your mind is trained to believe that your drunk personality starts interacting with people, unlike your sober self. But, the reality is you are still the same person inside out even after five pegs. You just think you are something different!

What about in vino veritas?

Well maybe they missed it in the survey or if they didn’t we would like to disagree already because we all have said something while drunk that we are embarrassed of.

Next time don’t blame your drunk personality for texting your ex or getting on knees for that cute girl or swearing at the friend you hate, it is you, it always is you.

Don’t give me that look, not me, science says ‘the drunk you is real you’.
Your Drunk Personality True According Science  Pin
Your Drunk Personality Is Really The True You, According To Science

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