The Best Movie Quotes Of 2020 (How Many Do You Know?)


Best Movie Quotes 2020

Movies take us to whole new world, where we forget all the drama happening in our everyday life and just focus on the present moment for a short time. Best movie quotes are the evidence that a script has gone viral or that a particular dialogue has touched, entertained, or inspired you so much that now they have become the part of your daily vocabulary.

Whether or not you’re a movie buff, I’m sure you’ll agree that watching movies is like a therapy, because movies encourage emotional release. We relate with different characters, laugh and cry with them,  their victory becomes our victory, their happiness makes us happy. Movies give you the comfort to express your difficult emotions, appreciate all the good things in life, fight for your rights, inspire you to chase success, shower you with knowledge and wisdom, offer different perspectives, and help you make sense of the world.

Isn’t it?

And that is why when asked, “what’s your favorite movie?”

It’s not just those amazing visuals that flash into your mind, but epic dialogues too that take you down the memory lane.

Here’s is a list of some best movie quotes of 2020  to motivate and inspire you to keep moving in life irrespective of your situation.

1. Enola Holmes (2020)

“There’ll come a time when you have to make a hard choice. And, in that moment, you will discover what mettle you truly have, and what you’re prepared to risk, for what matters.” – Eudoria Holmes (Enola Holmes (2020))

2. I’m Thinking of Ending Things

“Animals live in the present. Humans cannot, so they invented hope.” – Young Woman (I’m Thinking of Ending Things)

3. Made in Italy

“Disappointment is an absolute certainty. Everyone lets everyone down at some point. How you come back from that, that’s romance.” – Robert (Made in Italy)

4. The One and Only Ivan

“Change is scary for all of us. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. Trust that kindness will always be there when you need it.” – Ivan (The One and Only Ivan)

5. An American Pickle

“It’s never too late to do things completely differently.” – Liam (An American Pickle)

6. Artemis Fowl

“A friend’s eye is a good mirror.” – Artemis (Artemis Fowl)

7. Ava

“We don’t have much control over our lives. But our end? Sometimes we write that story.” – Duke (Ava)

8. The Broken Hearts Gallery

“Heartbreak is the loneliest, most isolating feeling in the world. And the truth is, it happens to us all. It is the great equalizer.” – Lucy (The Broken Hearts Gallery)

9. Extraction

“You drown not by falling into the river, but by staying submerged in it.” – Ovi Mahajan (Extraction)

10. The Gentlemen

“If you wish to be the king of the jungle, it’s not enough to act like a king. You must be the king. There can be no doubt. Because doubt causes chaos and one’s own demise.” – Mickey Pearson (The Gentlemen)

11. The Half of It

“Love isn’t patient, and kind, and humble. Love is messy, and horrible, and selfish, and bold. It’s not finding your perfect half. It’s the trying, and reaching, and failing.” – Ellie Chu (The Half of It)

12. Happiest Season

“Everybody’s story is different. There’s your version, and my version, and everything in between.” – John (Happiest Season)

13. Hillbilly Elegy

“Where we come from is who we are, but we choose every day who we become.” – JD Vance (Hillbilly Elegy)

14. Hubie Halloween

“True bravery is being kind. Even to those who are being cruel to you.” – Hubie’s Mom (Hubie Halloween)

15. Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

“Never be afraid when people can’t see what you see. Only be afraid if you no longer see it.” – Jeronicus (Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey)

16. Love and Monsters

“Good instincts are earned by making mistakes. If you’re lucky enough to survive a few mistakes, you’re going to be okay out here.” – Clyde (Love and Monsters)

17. Mulan

“Devotion to family is an essential virtue.” – Emperor (Mulan)

18. Palm Springs

“In order to really know a person, you have to see the entire package. The good and the bad.” – Nyles (Palm Springs)

19. The Photograph

“I don’t recommend getting older. Less people to talk to, more time to go over every regret.” – Isaac Jefferson (The Photograph)


20. Sonic the Hedgehog

“Confidence, a fool’s substitute for intelligence.” – Dr. Robotnik (Sonic the Hedgehog)


21. Trolls World Tour

“You have to be able to listen to other voices, even when they don’t agree with you. They make us stronger, more creative, more inspired.” – Poppy (Trolls World Tour)


Did any of your favorite movie quotes made it to our list?

Leave your thoughts in comments below.

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