A best guy friend is a rare treasure of a human being that you should never, ever let go of once you have. He deserves to be thanked endlessly, and here’s just a starter’s list of reasons why.

  1. First of all, thank you for broin’ out with me when I needed it the most…
  2. …And letting me be one of the guys.
  3. Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed and not hitting on me.
  4. Thank you for not causing any drama in my life.
  5. Thank you for telling me when someone’s not treating me right.
  6. Thank you for grossing me out with stories I’d otherwise never get to hear…
  7. …And thank you for not getting grossed out by my tears and snot after a breakup. I promise I won’t wipe them on your t-shirt again.
  8. Thank you for helping me see things from a guy’s perspective. I had no idea how clueless I was.
  9. Thank you for translating impossibly cryptic guy code in text messages.
  10. Thank you for telling me when I actually look good.
  11. Thank you for being my wingman, no matter how disastrous…
  12. …And thank you for letting me be your wingwoman, no matter how disastrous.
  13. Thank you for not cringing or getting really weird when I say the word “vagina.”
  14. Thank you for just tellin’ it to me like it really is.
  15. Thank you for eating heaps of junk food and making me feel better about my diet choices…
  16. …But also, thanks for that last slice of pizza.
  17. Thank you for seeing me for who I am and not just as an object.
  18. Thank you for hanging out with me just for the sake of it.
  19. Thank you for telling me my ex is a tool.
  20. Thank you for teaching me how to lift weights at the gym…
  21. …Even if it only lasted a couple of days.
  22. Thank you for listening to my problems, no matter how ridiculous some might be.
  23. Thank you for giving me straightforward, down to earth advice.
  24. Thank you for being living proof that guys and girls can really be friends.

By Defne Gencler