24 Things Your Guy Best Friend Does , Which You Should Thank Him For

24 Things Your Guy Best Friend Does , Which You Should Thank Him For

Any day, every day, you will end up choosing him over any other guy in your friend circle. Sometimes you would even choose him over your boyfriend. Did you even ask why?

Of course for the drama less bond you share with him; for the umpteen number of times you have been an ass and he has still adored you. Have you ever told him a thank you for that?

He deserves to be thanked endlessly, and here’s just a starter’s list of reasons why.

1. Thank you for broing out with me when I needed it the most.

Be it a break-up or a bad day at the office, you have never failed to make even the crappiest of days better, just by being your goofy self and my BFF.

2. Thank you for letting me be one of your guy friends (almost!)

You have never treated me like a girl whenever we were together, and have always looked at me like one of your bros. You made me realize that a guy can also have a girl as his best friend, and that does not make him any less of a man.

3. Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed without hitting on me.

Thank God, you were never one of those guys who feel entitled to hit on their female friends, just because they are close. Sleeping in the same bed without making it awkward, is one of the best things you have done for our friendship.

4. Thank you for gifting me a drama-free friendship.

Life is complicated and chaotic as it is, so thank you for creating a peaceful space whenever we are together. No matter what happens, you have always made me feel safe and protected in our friendship.

5. Thank you for helping me distinguish fake people from genuine ones.

Me being the biggest idiot there is, time and again, I have trusted the wrong people. But, you have always been there to look out for me by helping me weed out the fake ones from the genuine ones.

6. Thank you for grossing me out with stories I would rather not hear.

Men are gross and like it not, that’s the universal truth. You are no different, and thank you for upholding that truth by forcing me to listen to all your gross stories, day after day!


7. Also thank you for not getting grossed out by my tears and snot every time my heart broke. I promise I won’t wipe them on your t-shirt again.

Break-ups can get really ugly, especially when it comes to me. Even though I have ruined a lot of your favorite t-shirts due to my tears and snot, you have never made me feel that I am alone in my pain.

8. Thank you for helping me perceive things from a guy’s perspective. I had no idea how clueless I was about guy things.

They say, ‘Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus’, and this cannot be truer. But, I am lucky that I have you to teach me how a guy thinks and functions. After all, I need to win over my crush!

9. Thank you for translating impossibly cryptic guy code in text messages.

Men can be really difficult to understand at times, but not when I have you! Cheers to you for all those times, when you have helped me understand all the complicated and cryptic text messages sent by them.

10. Thank you for telling me when I really look good.

As my best friend, one of the best things that you do for me is by telling me, when I genuinely look good. You have never lied to me and that has ALWAYS prevented me from making a fool out of myself in front of others.

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