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20 Subtle Hints He Wants To Be More Than Just Friends With You

1. He steals a glance at you when you’re not looking.

You can feel him staring at you, but every time you try to catch him, he’s quick to look the other way. You try to stare at him too, daring him to meet your eyes, but he’s cautious not to have a glimpse of you this time around, so he acts like he’s busy with something. When you’re about to shift your attention to other direction, there he is again — stealing a glance at you.

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2. He wants to sit beside you in a group.

He’s eager to occupy the seat beside you, and after quite some time, he starts making a light and casual conversation with you. He even gives a genuine laugh to your silly joke. He keeps asking you more questions when it’s apparent that his communication with you is fizzling out.

3. He initiates an invitation to hang out.

He approaches you one day and works up the nerve to ask you if you can hang out with him some other time. You can see him shifting from one foot to another as he waits for your answer. As soon as you accept his offer, you notice that the worry on his face is replaced by a smile from ear to ear.

4. He knows what your interests are.

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He follows you on all your social media accounts so it doesn’t surprise you that he knows your favorite color, favorite food, favorite show, and favorite place to be. Sometimes he even pretends he wants the same thing that you love, just to make sure that you have plenty of things in common. He is pretty much interested in what you like and what you don’t like.

5. He pays close attention when you’re talking.

He listens to every single word that you’re saying. He looks you deep in the eyes while you talk. He nods his head when he agrees with you, and asks for clarification about a topic he finds hard to understand. He never touches his phone whenever he is with you, and that is a clear sign that he wants to be more than friends with you.

6. He is different when he’s with you.

You notice the way he treats you as if you’re the most special person to him. He’s careful with the way he presents himself to you. He makes sure he looks good, smells nice, and says the right words when he’s with you. And you know he’s trying so hard to impress you because you notice that he is different when he’s with other people than he is when he’s with you.

7. He blushes when you make body contact with him.

He becomes nervous when you accidentally touch his fingers. You see him blush when you tap him on the back. You feel his body tenses when you rest your head on his shoulder. And you can tell he likes it when you fix the mess in his hair, even if he doesn’t admit it.

8. He playfully teases you once in a while.

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When you become comfortable with each other, you start to hear him throwing flirty jokes on you. He tickles you on the ribs randomly. He pokes you in the arms then pretends it’s not him. He mimics your tone and the way you speak sometimes. But he’s quick to apologize when he’s becoming too much.

9. He keeps complimenting you.

Even on the days that you wear something ordinary. He is always amazed by your skills. He compliments your intelligence. And he keeps saying how beautiful you are either to make you feel good about yourself or to let you know that you are truly beautiful to him.

10. He gives you a gift.

A guy isn’t going to give you something valuable if he is not interested in you. A guy doesn’t spend money on other people unless they are special for him. When a guy hands you an item in a gift wrapper, you have the right to assume that he likes you.

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