Tarot Reading For 2022 Based On Your Zodiac Sign Plus Collective Energy


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As we are in a brand new year, let me bring to you my intuitive tarot reading forecast for 2022 based on your zodiac sign. The cards I have pulled up for this reading are all in the upright position and will represent the major aspect of your yearly prediction. These cards will give you an overview of the coming year according to your life situation.

Tarot Reading For 2022, Based On Each Zodiac Sign

Tarot Reading

1. Aries

King Of Cups

King of Cups

A sociable, sensuous, and mature man who has emotional stability combined with intelligence. His intuition is heightened and he is loving, loyal, and warm. The King Of Cups loves art, comfort, and all the finer things in life. He is also generous and responsible in nature.

When this card shows up in a tarot reading, it hints at a man (or someone who identifies as a man) who has achieved some kind of accomplishment in life and is offering a proposal of love or some kind of emotional support. The King is kind, compassionate, and empathetic. For women, it is a good omen for love. For men, it can signify their own potential to be the ideal husband or lover.

2. Taurus

Wheel Of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune represents the workings of destiny. It is closely related to the 3 Ancient Greek Goddesses known as  Fates.

The Wheel Of Fortune shows a “turn for a better time”. It assures that the good karma of your past action is going to be delivered to you soon and your destiny is in your favor. Your current problems are likely to end now and you will see some strokes of good luck.

3. Gemini



The Judgement card in traditional tarot symbolizes absolution and rebirth or restoration of faith with a new lease of life.

When you get this card, it means that time has come for you to face the consequences of your past deeds. It also means if you have been victimized of any kind of wrongdoing, things will now go in your favor. Things are going to come to light and you are going to get some answers.

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4. Cancer

Nine Of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles

Nine Of Pentacles in Rider Waite Tarot is a woman who has accomplished significant wealth and status on her own. It also highlights comfort and enjoyment.

This card talks about enjoying the luxuries and comfort of life that financial abundance can bring to you. Along with prosperity, the Nine Of Cards shows monetary sense and financial knowledge. It means after successful utilization of your resources and working hard, now you can relax.

5. Leo

The Magician

The Magician

The Magician is a master manifester! He is forthright and capable of managing external forces to create the best possible outcome.

The appearance of the Magician shows confidence, individuality, creativity, and positive action. Generally, this card symbolizes new beginnings, willpower, and initiative. This is a card of potential which predicts success for every new venture.

6. Virgo

The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers card represents romantic emotions and the power of love and attraction. It also emphasizes the need to pay attention to one’s emotional desires rather than only logic, while making a decision.

When you get this card in a reading, it means that you have reached a decisive point in your life where you have to make a choice based on your true desires, rather than obligation. Good times, happy relationships, reconciliation, and physical pleasures are foretold.

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7. Libra

Two Of Wands


The Two Of Wands is a green light for forward planning and long-term goals. This card is a good omen if you are considering pursuing any kind of ambition.

This card indicates that you are on your way to realizing your long-term objectives. It encourages you to chase your dreams and chalk up a strategic plan to fulfill your aspirations. A change is on the horizon and it involves your long-term future.

8. Scorpio

Six Of Wands

Six Of Wands

This is the card of sweet victory. Whatever conflict or challenge you have been facing till now will lead you to a big win.

Six of Wands predicts that your major endeavor will be successful. Victory is foretold in any venture you undertake. Yes, you have to put in your hard work but the eventual outcome will surpass your expectations. Audacity is going to pay off.

9. Sagittarius



The Justice card upholds the value of divine justice. While it warns mankind about the risk of transgressing the law of Karma, it also asks us not to be too harsh while judging others.

This card often represents legal affairs and contracts. The card shows up to acknowledge good judgment and forecast success in business or legal matters. It also talks about balance, harmony, and unity. The card symbolizes righting of a wrong, an advantageous work proposal, and the signing of contracts.

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10. Capricorn

Six Of Swords

Six of Swords

Six Of Swords means moving away from perilous environments to safety. It also signifies traveling and being in the safe company of others.

When this card pops up in a reading, it means you are about to move away from danger. Know that discretion is a better option than valor sometimes. You will be in the company of others who are in similar circumstances. Your immediate problems will be resolved as you choose a positive direction to go.

11. Aquarius

Nine Of Wands

Nine Of Wands

This card asks you to be resilient and self-confident. In times of stress and uncertainty, the card reassures you that you will have everything you need to remain stable and eventually prosper.

The Nine Of Cards represents stability, perseverance, and persistence. Even if you are overwhelmed and stressed out right now, this card promises you a brighter future with the sweet results of your sincerity and dedication.

12. Pisces

Eight Of Pentacles

Eight Of Pentacles

The Eight Of Pentacles is nudging you to devote your time and energy to learn and brush your skills. Also, you need to upskill and develop new academic or career strategies.

This card leans on developing one’s craft, learning new skills, and pursuing career goals with patience. You will be well advised to gain new qualifications because the skills you are about to learn will get you profitable returns in the future. A new job or job role can be on the cards. Work towards a better future.

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For The Collective


Strength tarot

The collective energy reading for the year 2022 is symbolized by the Strength card. This card puts the focus on the need to be courageous and gentle at the same time. We should brace ourselves for the challenges yet remain compassionate towards our shortcomings as well as the shortcomings of others.

A Parting Thought

Take this tarot reading as a reassurance of your authentic desires and beliefs. The future is not set in stone and with positive resolution and better choices you can define the course of your life.

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