6 Traits Of An Emotionally Mature Person

Emotionally Mature Person

Emotionally mature people are often misunderstood or looked down upon. Here are 6 traits of an emotionally mature person you should know

In this day and age, emotional maturity has become indispensable for better living. The more emotionally mature we become, the easier it becomes to accept changes and adapt to reality.

But contrary to popular belief, age and literacy are in no way indications of emotional maturity. They’re just numbers that bears no intrinsic value when it comes to emotional maturity. A being as young as 13 can be more mature than a 60 year old.

Take for example Anne Frank. She never lived past the age of 14, and yet the book she wrote, the emotions she expressed in it has been radiating its essence since the days of the Holocaust.

It is high time we start considering emotional maturity an intrinsic quality, and not just a measurement.

Here are 6 traits of an emotionally mature person you should know

traits emotionally mature person

1st Trait: Being Self-Aware

Self-Aware people are usually found to be emotionally mature when compared with their peers. Not many fall in this category. And people mostly remain ignorant of themselves and the actions they take.

Being self-aware is about looking at yourself from an objective point of view. Understanding your strengths, limitations and weaknesses is crucial in creating emotional stability. Things won’t always go in your favor.

Thus it is very important that you become increasingly aware of yourself, the external events, and how these things actually end up affecting you.


2nd Trait: Being Accountable

Learning to deal with mistakes is one of the major traits of emotional maturity. The first thing you realize that we are all accountable for our actions and the choices we make. No more do you buy into the delusion that things happen by change.

The accidental view of life changes and you start holding yourself accountable for every event. You stop blaming fate and whining about how cruel and biased people are. You realize that the finger can be pointed to no one but yourself.

There is a gradual shift in the perception and you start looking at yourself as the prime mover of all the events that take place around you, including the ones that make you emotionally vulnerable. You are accountable for your own outcomes- that is the fundamental insight you gain in this stage.


3rd Trait: Humility

Modesty is one of the prime virtues of mankind. It is instrumental in maintaining health and positivity in a relationship. Arrogance only fuels our false sense of self-esteem and propagates violence in the form of emotional hazard.

But the one who nourishes within them enough humility, is the one who can be truly regarded as an emotionally mature soul. It is humility that gives rise to the sense of equity. It is the stepping stone towards universal cooperation and brotherhood.

An emotionally mature person knows the value being modest and humane, and thus never refrains from culturing humility as one of the best practices.


4th Trait: Acceptance

Reality doesn’t always align with our demands. We as a population on this planet fake ourselves to compare and compete with our peers. But an emotionally mature person has reached a phase where they have realized the futility of comparing ourselves.

They know how foolish it is to spend so much time and energy in such pursuits. Instead, they work on accepting the outcomes and be content with who they really are. They realize how meaningless it is to keep perpetuating the same process.

It is therefore wise to accept who we are, what we have and eventually make peace with ourselves.


5th Trait: Acknowledgement & Gratitude

We are getting drained of the habit of acknowledgment and thanksgiving. The world as we know is already hesitant of being thankful to life. But an emotionally mature person knows that even the smallest things that make us happy are more treasurable than gold itself.

When we feel thankful for little things, our lives become the vessel of contentment and positivity. The more one demands from life, the more one turns out to be feverish.

This discontent and mental chaos eventually leads to severe dissatisfaction that can never be extinguished, but only fueled by more expectations and demands. An emotionally mature person sees the folly of this and is always thankful for whatever life has bestowed upon them

What It Means When A Woman Says She’s Confused

What It Means When A Woman Says She's Confused

What she REALLY means when she says she’s confused.

You’ve met a woman.

Man, does she smell good.

God, does she feel good to look at. You almost pinch yourself.

You can’t believe that you’ve met somebody so damn hot, but more importantly, you can’t believe that she actually likes you.

It’s not that you’re insecure or living a fearful life.

You just met your dream girl. We all have one, and you met her.

She’s the girl you’ve been thinking about since you were a little boy. She’s the girl you’ve been fantasizing about.

You finally met her, and things appear to be going great.

Then all of a sudden one night, you go to kiss her goodnight for the very, very first time, and she looks at you and she says, “Whoa, I don’t know what I want right now, I’m confused.

One date. I’m not sure if I want a relationship.”

She spews all these things at you. Things that don’t make any sense at that moment.

You go home and you think to yourself, what did she mean by that?


What is She Confused About?

You engage your male friends, and you ask them what she meant.

What did she mean when she said this?

She was so stable. We went out on a couple dates. I went in for the kiss, to touch her, and all of a sudden she freaked out on me.

What does it all mean?

Well, let me tell you something, what it all means.

It means that this is the first of many freak outs she’s going to have.

You see, she’s a woman.

She’s full of emotion. She emotes, and she’s in the moment.

And at that moment, she was starting to like you, and she started freaking out a little bit.

She didn’t know whether or not she was ready for a relationship, so she decided to vomit her feelings and her words all over you.

You see, what really happened was she went home afterwards and she calmed herself down.

And the very next morning, she texts you good morning.

She was just emoting, and that’s what women do.


Women Are More Emotional Than Men

And it’s the first of many emotions you’re going to see.

Oh, there will be other ones coming.

After the first time you have sex with her and you didn’t call her within three hours after having sex or didn’t send her a text, she’s going to all of a sudden fucking emote.

You’re going to call her that night. She’s going to be standoff-ish a little bit because she’s going to think that she shouldn’t have slept with you, and she’s feeling bad about it.

And she might say something, and that will be the second time she emotes.

It’s okay.

They’re women.

That’s what they do, you need to understand women’s emotions.

When you sign up to have a relationship with a member of the opposite sex, these are the things she’s going to do with you on a consistent basis.

What you need to do as a man is be a rock during the whole time and not react. The key here is not to react.

When you react to this emoting, she is then going to get deeper into her head, and it’s going to turn nothing into something.

So I’ve learned when a woman I’m hanging out with emotes, freaks out a little bit, says something that doesn’t agree, I just let it go because I realize that’s the difference between the two sexes.

I’m okay with them emoting.

What they’re looking for is stability. They’re looking for you not to say anything, not to engage.

They’re looking for you to be a man, to be a rock, to just sit there and allow them to be in that moment.

That’s all you can do.

If you react to it, it kind of turns into something.

You’ll turn nothing into something.


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Written by David Wygant
Originally appeared in Davidwygant.com

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Emotion Elevation

emotion elevation

As emotions arise, one’s calculations
of bravery elevates,
a vibrant one goes further!
With one’s sanctuary mapped,
internalizing authenticity,
a brush of feelings reflects charisma.
One’s embrace, exposed to
self-affirming reflections

-Merna Alayoub

Picture Credit

I Hate Small Talk


I hate small talk.
I wanna talk about atoms,
death, aliens, sex, magic, intellect,
the meaning of life, faraway galaxies,
the lies you’ve told, your f1 aws,
your favorite scents, your childhood,
what keeps you up at night,
your insecurity and fears…
I like people with depth,
who speak with emotion from a twisted mind.
I don’t want to know “what’s up”.

Are You Clairsentient

Are You Clairsentient

Are you clairsentient?
*Most common in empaths
*Can walk into a room and sense feelings of heaviness or lightness
*Get goosebumps and body tingles for no reason
*Can feel when someone is lying
*You experience sudden, unexplained changes in mood, emotion or
feelings of well-being
*Can feel the emotions of others in your heart and body
*Can feel the presence of spirits
(animal and human)

What Is Love?

What Is Love

Love understands, there are no conditions, just acceptance and appreciation

Love asks for nothing and gives everything, allowing us to fall as we are caught safely within the arms of its embrace

We are granted permission to think with the heart and know the answers, Its light allows us to see in the dark and find solace in turmoil

Love means everything, yet it is impossible to defineImmeasurable potential and total fulfilment working harmoniously as one

This invisible pulsating thread keeps us connected, allowing us to travel on the open road and still find our way home

Love has the unlimited capacity to save, heal and restore, Nourishing, uplifting and helping us to grow, it is an endless blossoming of the soul

The greatest force in the universe is infinite, eternal and pure,A life force that teaches us to be bold and dares us to dream

Love is the answer and love will set us free.

By Kayley Easterbrook



Aspectabund (adj.)

Letting or being able to let expressive emotions show easily through one’s face and eyes.

Pronunciation | as-pect-a-bund
Origin – English

10 Strange Behaviors You’ll Notice In And Around An Authentic Empath

behaviours around empath

Being an empath is not easy. Ignorance only makes it worse. So, in case you have recently found out that you are an empath, here is a list of things you must know:

Empath Be like

1. Empaths can’t help taking on the energy of others

The thing is, you don’t just sense other people’s emotions- you start feeling them too. This can get pretty trying at times. You can’t be in the company of someone who is feeling sad without finding yourself near tears as well. And the very next instant, you might want to laugh out loud because another person next to you is just so happy.

These instant mood swings are exhausting and drain your energy like nothing else. But don’t worry, with the time you’d learn to control your empathetic impulses and it won’t be so bad.


2. Your intuition is always spot on

Of course, all of us come with some extent of intuition which guides us through every day. But in the case of empaths, it is completely off the charts. They know what is happening; even if there have been no clear verbal indicators.

Being an empath, you’d learn to observe that you are picking up messages psychically. No matter what someone is saying, you’d always be able to clearly understand their true intentions. This is because you are tuned into the emotions of others and there is scarcely anything that can go unnoticed by you.


3. Being around people is tiring and you feel drained often

Being around people, especially a large crowd is an ordeal for you. As explained above, you feel the emotions of others and this constant up and down of emotions and being around different people is enough to tire anyone.

Even more important is the fact that since you can feel what others are feeling, you can’t help but try to help them; doesn’t matter whether they asked you for it or not. You want to help everyone you meet and you spend a lot of your own energy dealing with the problems which aren’t yours. You need to learn to cut back on this for your own good.


4. You find yourself being surrounded by people who are broken

As the direct result of the previous point, people who need help and emotional strength naturally gravitate towards you. Even strangers will be attracted to you because they can sense that you’d listen to them and provide possible relief. As noble as it is to help others, sometimes you need to help yourself first. And how do you do that?

Again, you need to show restraint. When the universe gets the message that you are not willing to help only people who are very close to you, the others will automatically back off.


5. You don’t do well around crowds

Most people are happy to be a part of a crowd. The feeling of belonging draws people in thousands towards crowded events such as parties, concerts and the likes. Not to an empath though. For empaths, crowds can be very hard to process. They feel like they are being assaulted by various energies from every direction.

In order to protect yourself from the energies of the crowd, you can try wearing a protective stone on your person. They are very effective in shielding you from the energy of others.


6. You can’t simply live anywhere

While relocating, the dimensions of the new house and proximity to the nearest Starbucks are not the only things on your mind. For you, it is important that the energy of a place doesn’t hit you negatively. This means that living in a house where violent crime was committed (no matter how long ago) is completely out of the question.

Overall, empaths prefer living in areas with low population densities. And the hustle and bustle of city life is not particularly attractive to them.


7. You are hypersensitive

You can’t help it. Even if you know that the violence on the TV is enacted and make-belief you can’t watch it for more than a few seconds. You can’t turn a blind eye if you see an animal in pain. The same is the case for people.

Hiding Your Shadow

Hiding Your Shadow

Relying on the days going forward

For the deletion of those emotions

But ever since our book has been finished

Surprisingly none of them has vanished

Abstaining myself from this temptation

Of reaching your eyes is hard at inward

Sorrow keeps on giving me company

You are mostly the background of my mind

Times of joy are quick to evaporate

When memories in my head operate

Only direction I look is behind

Haunting presence as pleasant agony

Rationality as a great asset

Living depression instead of madness

Before the face of our destruction

At the same time a brain’s intentions

Can’t purged ourselves with consciousness

Tears rolling on cheeks a better offset

As I walk around, hiding your shadow

From almost anyone who’s by my side

Hoping for a desperate caress

Aware that my state would regress

Bleeding affection that must step aside

Desire of seeing green on my meadow

Emotional Strings

String of emotions tugging upon thy heart

having fun

enjoying the play

why not it’s only life either live or become non-existence

the belief of one’s faith connected by the multitude of like minded souls

can be of good or sinister lust on shaking grounds

a string of emotions upon thy heart

without a notice

change occurs and every which directions are hidden agenda over

floods the heart with nonexplainable emotions

the living experience of  life lessons

awaken my mind with thundering thoughts pounding so loud intensive migraine cripples my whole being with pain

a string of emotions tugging at thy heart

my stubborn soul oh my dear stubborn soul center deep down in the ocean heart

drifting everlasting dreams and visions

Love holds me so tightly this reality seems non-existence through my observing eyes my wandering mind and sleepless night has no ended

strings of emotions tugging upon thy heart…

Emotions and Expectations

Emotions and Expectations

Emotions barren

Fruits of tears relish

a long forgotten girl

who wanted to be loved back.

Expectations have stolen away

by damsels in distresses;

Oh, how can he love her back when they need him?

Oh, how can he care for her when they need him?

Emotions and expectations write elegy

upon her soul he murdered

when he said, ‘I love you.’