10 Ways Strong Women Handle Relationships Differently

10 Ways Strong Women Handle Relationships Differently


“A strong woman builds her own world. She is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.” ― Ellen J. Barrier, How to Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed.


She’s courageous; she knows how to take care of herself. She has been through a lot. She made mistakes, she had to struggle and eventually she came out victorious. She’s the strong woman we know. No wonder she’s different from everyone else!

The way she treats the world and the way the world treats her back; It’s different!  She is different in life and so in her relationships.

Here are 10 Ways A Strong Woman Handle Relationships Differently


(1) She knows what she wants in her partner:

She already had experiences and she knows what exactly she is looking for in her partner. She will not waste your time or hers and come clear about it if she doesn’t find what she wants. If she’s interested in you, then be assured, it’s genuine.


(2) She’s no damsel in distress:

She doesn’t need a man to save her. She knows that she is the only person who can save herself. For her, a relationship is not financial or emotional or social dependency. With her, you can have your freedom and also remain secured about the relationship because you don’t need to go around helping her all the time.


(3) She knows how to deal with her emotions:

She might be extremely emotional but she knows how to deal with them. She wouldn’t let her emotions take control of her. She would think rationally, judge everything by logic and listen to your point of view without interrupting.


(4) She doesn’t need a man, she wants him:

For her, the relationship is not a necessity. She is involved in the relationship not because she needs a man in her life but because she wants to be with him.


(5) For her, the relationship should be based on equality:

She doesn’t wish to take your  advantage in the relationship and she will make sure she doesn’t do it herself. For her, relationship doesn’t mean dominating or idolizing someone. She believes that both the man and the woman have equal stakes in the relationship.


(6) She is not afraid of dispute:

If she feels something is not right, she will be honest about it even if it sparks conflict with you. She is not scared of losing you for all the wrong reasons. She would never fake to be happy because she understands, this will create bigger conflicts in the long run.


(7) She is not looking for anything casual or temporary:

For a strong woman, relationships matter a lot. She doesn’t like playing around. If she wants a relationship with you, it’s for the long-term.


(8) She is focused in her life:

She doesn’t need a man to guide her in her career or passion. She knows what exactly she wants to do with her life. She has already achieved a few goals and has been evolving. When she is sharing the journey with you, she expects you to be as focused as she is and share the joys and sorrows together.


(9) She gets turned off by negativity:

For a strong woman, a relationship should help in personal growth. She doesn’t like any form of negativity. If you try to pull her down, she will better move away from you than tolerating it. If you bring positivity in the relationship, she will show you how the two of you can grow old together.


(10) She is no drama-queen:

She hates complications and melodramas in her life. She will be open and honest about her feeling. She would not do anything which will make her look like a drama queen.


(11) She will not be jealous of other women:

Trust is very important to her and she would never get jealous of any of your friends. She would give you the space to spend time with them because she trusts you and she knows you will not do anything to hurt her.

The fiercely, strong and independent woman is hard to find. She adds new colors to our lives. Keep her if you found one.

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10 Ways Strong Women Handle Relationships Differently




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