Out of their need to feel loved and accepted, a lot of people choose to conform and obey to others, afraid that doing otherwise might cause them to be left alone and lonely in a cold world, isolated from the rest of humanity.

Such people don’t feel enough as they are — they feel small, unimportant, and rely their sense of self-worth solely on the opinions of others about themselves. Naturally, they do everything they can in order to be liked by others, thinking that this way they will manage to feel good about themselves.

Such people don’t honestly express themselves, choosing to hide their thoughts and emotions, pretending to be different than who they are. They sacrifice themselves in order to please others, saying “yes” to anything they think other people want or expect from them, even when all they deep down want to say is “no”, regardless of how much suppression — and hence suffering — this is causing to their psyche.

If you are one of those people, ask yourself this: how can you feel loved and accepted when others only like the mask you are wearing and not what is hiding behind it?

Even if only a single person likes you for who you are is way better than hundreds of people liking you for who you are not. And the only way to discover who actually likes you and who doesn’t, is to be true to yourself and others, thus allowing people to look into your very being and find out if they vibe with you.

From now on, stop saying “yes” when you actually want to say “no.” Of course, not all people are going to like you, but the ones who will, at least will do so for the right reasons.

Written by Sofo Archon
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