How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People


It’s the same sensation of pleasure most humans get from being part of a group that truly loves and respects them or from helping other people, animals, or life continue on the planet more gracefully on any given day.

Pleasure seeking to the extreme, suffering from impulse control issues, and behaving in ways that are pound-foolishly egocentric does put most Narcopaths socially and emotionally in the position that when they get bored feeling noting that they tend to be willing to cut off their own proverbial noses to spite their own face.

With boredom at the root of most addictions, some choose to drink or drug compulsively while others like to rubberneck watching catastrophes other people are involved in or they themselves have created as purposefully manufactured chaos in some way.

The best way to handle any interaction with a Cluster B person is to learn how to spot the warning signs they are of a different social and emotional sort right away then to learn the mind control tricks they use to keep narcissistic supply source troughs open for them to feed on any given day.

Once you learn how to spot the warning signs and disengage, understand that any time wasted feeling sorry for the PREDATOR is truly one more notch on the bedpost of their “screwing everyone on the planet over” game.

You see, by feeling sorry for them for not being able to feel pleasure actually excites and stimulates the pleasure areas of their brain.

Granted, conning people into treating them like wounded birds holds it’s own appeal to their nature if they are malignant, but truly any amount of time you spend thinking about them, feeling sad rather than happy, or worrying about them is their attention-seeking GAIN.

If you feel compelled to feel sorry for anyone, let it be the victims of Narcissistic Abuse who have had their lives destroyed or inextricably bonded to memories of social, physical, or spiritual pain.

A truly good person understands that while it might give someone pleasure to be in control or to feel powerful, that those sensations are fleeting.

In order for the pleasure area of the brain to be stimulated, one must repeat the moment of victory in competition — making it an ultimate waste of time in the grand scheme of things.

People who are kind —

no matter how upset, unhappy, or emotional they might be feeling in a negative context —

can always be spiritually and emotionally re-homed to a pleasure state simply by reminding them of all the kind things they have done or the beauty in the world in its natural state.

It’s truly a gift not to be able to forget that things like flowers and kittens and puppies exist or to understand why hugging a tree can help a soul connect energetically to a higher biochemically induced altered neural network state.

Think of an Empath’s gift being the ultimate, portable weapon against feelings of lack, insecurity, vulnerability, fear-based thinking, and hate.

While Narcopaths and Cluster B people have to labor tirelessly and seemingly endlessly striving to recreate some form of emotional high by doing things like conning other people, lying, manipulating, provoking fear or toxic shame in others, or by actually harming people directly to self-stimulate, the ultimate effect they seem to produce for themselves as a group by nature is a cosmic circle jerk.


  1. Well then….that was a very…odd article. It was good in the sense of somewhat explaining a narcs motives and what they get pleasure from….but….holy worddy batman!!! Seriously some of those paragraphs and run on sentences made no sense at all they started out great and then quicly disolved into gibberish and nonsense….it was like they forgot completely the point they were trying to make. This article could have been half as long and twice as much impact with some clarity and focus if they would have just stopped trying to impress with using so many words and tried to use less and been more straight forward .