6 Steps To Finding Your Soul Mate

Steps Finding Your Soul Mate

Therefore, don’t make the mistake of expecting to find someone who has more conventional tendencies at one of these gatherings. If for example, you want to meet a guy who will approach you and do all the talking, you can find him easily at any bar in the world.

If on the contrary, you’re looking for a devoted partner who will actually listen to you and care what you have to say, then you may have to accept the fact that he will not aggressively approach you.

5. Patience and Perseverance

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ve done a remarkable job laying the groundwork for finding a soul mate so far. Keep up the good work, even when you’re out meeting new people.

Don’t settle for the first person you make contact with, unless he or she is the person you’ve been manifesting.

Melissa: Some people get to the point where they believe that it’s better to be with the wrong partner than with nobody at all. Prior to Grant and I meeting each other, we both fell into this way of thinking in our past relationships.

The Angels of Love helped us think differently!

Therefore, while we can certainly empathize with this logic, that doesn’t make it true. When you’re in a relationship with the wrong person—whether casual or committed—you run the risk that the right person will pass you by, considering you unavailable and falsely believing that you’re as happy as you pretend to be.

Remember that God and the Angels of Love are helping you find the right mate, but the responsibility of being patient until that individual comes along belongs to you alone.

Finding Your Soul Mate
Finding Your Soul Mate

6. When You Think You’ve Met Your Soul Mate

You will generally know whom you’re supposed to approach once you arrive at your chosen location.

You may just sense something about that person or simply have a magnetic pull drawing you to him or her. If you’re feeling guided to talk to that man or woman, then you must initiate a conversation.

The Angels of Love are helping you along by giving you small nudges, such as an unusually strong attraction or the desire to find out what that person is all about.

By paying attention to these signs, you can see in which direction you’re being guided. At the same time, it’s critically important to pay attention to any and all red flags you may notice.

These are warning signs from above, so heed them! The most important thing is that you keep your own counsel throughout this process. Your friends and loved ones may mean well, but only you will be receiving the Divine guidance you’ve asked for.

In other words, you will be the only reliable judge of whether or not you and this person are meant for each other.

If you are doubting your ability to understand your guidance, once again you can ask the Angels of Love to bring you clarity during your dream time.

Remember, when you awaken in the morning, write down the messages you received in your journal. As you begin to understand what your guidance is telling you, you will know the direction and steps you need to take with the people you are meeting.

Sooner or later you’ll get into a conversation with someone you feel is your soul mate. That’s a great first step, but now is the time to really shine. You don’t want to deceive this person in any way, but you must also be aware that he or she is evaluating you, too.

This is not the moment to say that you’ve been trying to manifest a soul mate. If it comes up, you should discuss your spirituality as you would any important part of your life.

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