20 Starseed Symptoms Due To Awakening & DNA Activation


Starseed Symptoms Awakening DNA Activation

Are you struggling to find the real meaning of life? Maybe what you’re going through is not an identity crisis, but Starseed symptoms of awakening!

You might be feeling out of place and wondering whether there’s something more to life, whether you have a special purpose or a gift to offer to the world. You cannot relate to the reality around you and you’re haunted by an unexplained melancholy.

If all these have hit home, then these are signs you are a Starseed and what you’re going through is Starseed Awakening & DNA Activation.

The Starseed Awakening process is much more intense and uncomfortable than a general spiritual awakening. But this is a journey of a lifetime and once you start experiencing the Starseed symptoms of awakening, there’s no turning back! Life will never be the same again!

Before we talk about the Starseed awakening symptoms to understand the spiritual shift you’re going through, it’s important to have a clear concept of what is a Starseed.

Are You A Starseed?

Starseeds are high-vibrational and benevolent intergalactic souls who have their origin in faraway galaxies, planets, and star clusters. These souls have been chosen (with their full consent) to reincarnate on earth as human beings and raise the vibration of this planet.

Each Starseed has come with a spiritual duty and gift to advance the ascension of humanity and uplift the energy of Earth. Therefore, every Starseed has something valuable and unique to offer to humanity, and each one of them fulfills their Soul Contract in their way.

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What Is A Starseed Awakening?

A Starseed Awakening is a deeply intense and transformative process in which a person remembers who they truly are at a soul level. It generally starts with a growing feeling of discontent and restlessness, leading up to the profound longing for a greater purpose.

  • You feel dissatisfied and disconnected from your environment
  • You start questioning your life choices
  • You start feeling that you’re different from others
  • You discover your unique talent that you can use to make a difference in some way
  • You’re releasing everything that is not supporting you to becoming your authentic self

20 Clear Starseed Symptoms Due To Awakening And DNA Activation

Here are the Starseed Awakening signs that confirm you’re a Starseed and in midst of a life-altering spiritual process of waking up to your real identity! These Starseed symptoms are both physical as well as emotional.

1. You Have A Regular Feeling Of Discomfort

As your soul now going through an upgrade, your body has to keep up with it. So, as one of the first Starseed symptoms, you will feel a gnawing feeling of discomfort on a regular basis.

This is a common symptom of any spiritual ascension process where the body and mind try to adjust to the 3D reality while pursuing a higher realm of existence.

2. You Feel Alienated

You don’t relate to the culture you have been brought up in and you cannot fathom the social evils like war, poverty, or racism that prevail in the world.

In your daily life too, you cannot connect to anyone and always feel you’re a misfit. You have lost interest in small talk and superficial ways of life. You feel nobody understands you and you too cannot understand others.

You’re vibrating on a very high frequency of love and compassion now and your highly expansive mind cannot be comprehended by people who have limiting beliefs or biases and prejudices. 

You are from a distant place where hatred, jealousy, oppression, and other such negativities do not exist. This is why on a soul level you feel like an outsider who cannot wrap their head around the things that others accept so nonchalantly.

3. You Feel An Overwhelming Urge To Help Others

Being selfless and feeling an enormous amount of responsibility toward the world, on your shoulders is one of the Starseed symptoms. You cannot help but empathize with others and try to help as many people as possible.

On a larger scale, you get a calling to do something significant that can make a difference in this world. You often find yourself pondering how to eradicate hunger or injustice, even though others call you a dreamer with a penchant for utopic thoughts.

4. You Go Through Emotional Ups And Downs

You have extreme mood swings that leave you mentally drained out and exhausted. You feel things too deeply and your emotions are always near the surface. A little gesture of compassion makes you ecstatic with joy.

You get emotionally invested pretty quickly and even fictional things like a movie or novel can make you weep uncontrollably. You get triggered very easily and are prone to frequent anger burst outs, followed by periods of excruciating guilt and regrets.

5. You Receive Signs From The Universe

You often receive messages from the Universe in the form of Angel numbers and other synchronicities. You frequently see 11 11, 111, 222, 333, and other sequential numbers on the clock, social media, and other random places. You might also come across feathers and coins on your path.

6. You Have Chronic Aches And Pains

Starseeds often report suffering from unusual pains and aches, especially in their back and limbs. If you too have similar experiences, don’t be alarmed, these are common Starseed symptoms. Consult your doctor of course, but be open to the possibility that these are physical manifestations of spiritual blockages that your body is trying to release. 

7. You Feel Nostalgic Thinking About Ancient Civilizations

You have a strong emotional bonding with several ancient civilizations, such as the Ancient Egyptians or Native Americans. You feel drawn to their customs and traditions. Also, while on a trip you sometimes visit places that strangely feel familiar to you.

These flashbacks are Starseed symptoms of awakening. You have lived many lives on earth and your soul is finally remembering your spiritual past. 

8. You Feel Most Sensitive And Intuitive Than Ever

Starseed Symptoms
Starseed Symptoms: Intuition and Gut Feeling

You have heightened sensitivity and you have become highly perceptive. You can sense what’s going on in someone’s mind and can feel their “vibe” or energy very strongly. You have found that your sixth sense is right on almost all occasions and it guides you to the right course of action.

You have become intolerable toward certain people and places that have low vibrations and things like crowds, blaring music, or any unpleasant noise can be unbearable to you. 

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9. You Have Vivid And Strange Dreams

Your dreams are usually pretty bizarre, intense, and unsettling. You see yourself living lives you do not remember living and you see people you do not recognize.

Sometimes, when you’re struggling with something in your life, the answer comes to you in your dreams. Your dreams are also prophetic visions that help you to know what will happen in the future.

When you sleep, your conscious mind and ego are inactive and your body and mind are aligned with your higher self. So, this is the time when your soul family members send you messages, guidance, comfort, and support through your dreams and you can also remember your past incarnations. 

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10. You’re Inclined To Alternative Healing

You’re a strong believer in alternative healing practices like energy cleansing, reiki, Ayurveda, and similar modalities that you might have experienced or practiced in one or several of your past lives. The belief in alternative treatment and holistic healing is also one of the Starseed symptoms.

11. You Search For Kindred Spirits

You are guided by a powerful belief that there are people out there who think or feel the same way as you. All your life, you have searched for such kindred spirits.

You have a deep-seated trust that when you will meet your soul tribe, you will connect with them deeply and they will accept you as you are. This faith comes from the subconscious knowledge that there are other Starseeds on earth just like you.

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12. You Feel Disoriented And Dizzy

When your body has just released an energy blockage and is vibrating at a high frequency and your third eye is open to higher dimensional realities, it is natural that you will be rocking back and forth with a blow of very high energy.

If you are not grounded, this high-frequency vibration can make you feel dizzy and disoriented, cutting you off from your reality. Meditation and consuming grounding foods like potatoes or meat can help you ground the excess energy.

13. You Wake Up At A Specific Time Everyday

It has been widely reported that Starseeds regularly wake up between 2 am and 4 am. This period is usually believed to be a spiritually energized time when heavenly spirits, departed souls, as well as other dimensional beings freely travel through the astral plane and communicate with others. 

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14. You Have Bouts Of Deep Slumber

Your body needs extensive hours of deep sleep to maintain the DNA repair and download the spiritual knowledge that is constantly being transmitted through the ether.

Also, your body and mind need rest to cope with this significant spiritual shift. Feeling tired and needing prolonged sleep are some lesser-known Starseed symptoms.

15. You Experience Muscle Spasms

When your body starts releasing the negative energy you have been holding for so long, mostly in your upper back area, it causes a mild electric shock-like sensation. This happens primarily because of the emotional imbalance.

Gradually, you will let go of your “lack mentality”, neediness, insecurities, and other fear-based beliefs to come in full alignment with your highest vibration.

16. You Struggle With Anxiety And Depression

Starseed Symptoms
Starseed Symptoms: Compassion and Selfless Love

Mental illness is one of the most common Starseed symptoms. You have not been given an easy life on earth, because your task here is to learn empathy and be of service to others. So, sadness, pain, and emotional distress are often signs of your awakening.

In many cases, the shock of a near-death experience or a great tragedy often sets off Starseeds on their spiritual journey of self-discovery. 

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17. You Exhibit Flu-Like Symptoms

Sometimes known as Ascension sickness, this is one of the dreaded Starseed symptoms. When your body is slowly releasing negative blockages and making room for heightened vibrations, you might experience temporary fevers, headaches, joint pains, chills, and other flu-like symptoms. These will go away as you rest and give your body enough time to heal.

18. You Go Through Frequent Changes Of Appetite

Sometimes you feel an aversion to eating and sometimes you want to eat often and a lot. Your mind might not feel like staying on earth anymore but your body knows it needs the extra fuel to go through the ascension.

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19. You’re Always Under Intense Stress

Awakening entails stripping back every limiting belief, unhealthy habit, and dysfunctional practice that is not aligned with a higher level of existence.

Emotional turbulence is thus one of the most common Starseed symptoms and your awakening journey will be intense and stressful where all your feelings will be pushed to the surface and healed one by one.

20. You Get Frequent Skin Rashes

One of the physical Starseed symptoms is the sudden eruptions of skin rashes or hives. This happens when you repress your emotions and don’t process or express them in a healthy way. This is your inner child acting out as if it’s not being heard or noticed.

 Some Other Starseed Physical Symptoms:

  • Ringing in your ears
  • Heart palpitation
  • Tingling in your palms and feet
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Weight Gain

Starseed Awakening Stages

The Starseed symptoms will give you confirmation of whether or not you’re a Starseed going through your awakening, but you must also know that this transformation will take place across the following 8 stages:

  • Discontentment, detachment, and general unhappiness about life
  • Experiences that trigger an interest in spirituality
  • Self-awareness, accompanied by memories of past lives and/or discovering your psychic/ spiritual gifts
  • Getting a preview of your full spiritual potential and a sneak peek of the ultimate truth
  • Embracing a positive, grateful, and spiritual mindset and shedding your past negative habits and beliefs
  • A humbling experience of an identity crisis and ego death that tests your faith
  • Shadow work, deep healing of childhood and family trauma, and shifting perspective
  • The breakthrough; the liberation, being in touch with your core reality, and finally achieving happiness that doesn’t depend on any external stimuli 
Starseed Symptoms
Starseed Symptoms

The Different Starseed Types

There are different types of Starseeds that come from different galaxies and star systems. The most common ones include:

  • Sirian Starseed
  • Lyran Starseed
  • Arcturian Starseed
  • Orion Starseed
  • Pleiadian Starseed
  • Andromedan Starseed

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Step Into Your Power

If you have by now identified your Starseed reality by learning about the Starseed symptoms and Starseed meaning, we hope you have obtained an empowered perspective about the trials and tribulations of your life as well as discovered your spiritual gift. Don’t be afraid to explore further on this topic and embrace your calling, your power, and your authentic self.

We also hope you found this article on Starseed Symptoms to be interesting and insightful. Please feel free to let us know your thoughts and add to the list of Starseed Symptoms

starseed symptoms
Starseed Symptoms
Starseed Symptoms
Starseed Symptoms
Starseed Symptoms Awakening DNA Activation pin
Starseed Symptoms Awakening

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  1. Greg Avatar

    Hello, all of my life and since I had a brain tumor removed at 13, then in 2016 upon guidance to a book to find an ethereal surgeon to remove the pressure in my head and back I was introduced to the galactic federation of light at a ceremony. I was told they are here to help me and I have a very big job. The channelers mind was overcome by my purpose. Today, I am sick of my engineering job. I have been trying to start my non profit. I have a book I want to publish and my website is ready to be built, but I have hit very severe 3D to 5D body numbness and I still have the severe body pressures of the 3D world. I have no interest in anything anymore. This world does not make sense. I am going to my second Kryon event in a couple months and I am finally getting my website turned on ASAP. But as I look and find higher level engineering jobs to pay the bills and pay to start my consciousness foundation as a certified energy practitioner and as a 20 year engineer to work on humanitarian engineering projects for my foundation I just feel so exhausted and I do not want to apply to any new engineering jobs in my area and I just feel like sleeping all day. I guess I am starting a new term of starseed ascension burnout. I have these special clicks I get in my ears and my connected spiritual friend cannot figure them out. I have done all of the work burning up my ego, I see colorful crystal cities, I was a lumerian Atlantean medicine man that healed limbs, illness etc, but I am still waiting for my abilities to turn back on. And or my 5d abilities. I have compassion and unconditional love for all and it has been tough to be this way for all humans, just to love them when in traffic for example. But this feeling of constant body pressure, numbness, anxiety and lack of interest in anything and just passing out needing to sleep to reach the 5d transition is exhausting. I want to go home. I once experienced pure 5d love about 2014 after another major surgery, but it was for maybe 10 sexy, but but being a starseed and living with ascension symptoms for 6 years makes me wonder when is the transition to 5d finally happens. I have just given up.

    1. leila Avatar

      hi Greg, i am Leila. i was a midwife and now i have dropped my career in 2021 as it only felt me with dread and dissatisfaction. i only found out that i am a starseed in 2020 after my sister who is a psychic put me on that path of discovery. Since then i have been through the most difficult time of my life: divorce, loss of home, no income, abdominal spasm on daily basis, back and knee pains, depression, loss of all my so called friends, loss of all my family members etc… i now live alone in a small studio where i try to heal my pains and meditate to understand what the hell is going on!!!
      i too am wondering when this ascension symptoms will finally end, i have fears and worries which i am trying to work through. i am sorry to hear about your lifetime of health issues…i understand your frustration but i hope you continue in your endeavours. It sounds like a true calling and i wish you all the success you wish to accomplish!!
      I also try to love everyone but i must admit it is sometimes hard…guess we are also human after all.
      I dont remember my past lives nor did i discover my purpose on this earth. That makes me feel sad and worried that i may never find a goal that excites me and make me want to go on in this life experience.
      I want to give up often but i still always hope in my heart to find my soul tribe and a real meaning to all this. I thank you for sharing your experience…i stumbled upon it by chance at a dark moment sitting here in my room and it gave me hope that we are not alone in this and hopefully soon things will improve or the ascension will somehow happen. i pray for a world with more love, abundance and harmony between all races. We need people like you on earth and i truly send you lots of positive vibes…
      stay strong as we are all one!! your strength will emanate out into the world and make others want to keep going. at least that’s what i candidly believe…
      Blessings to you.

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