Are You A Starseed? 10 Revealing Starseed Signs You Are From Another Dimension


Are You A Starseed Revealing Signs

Do you think you belong to a different world? If you feel like an alien on this earth and cannot really connect to others, you can be a Starseed or a Star Person. Read on to know about the Starseed signs!

What Is A Starseed?

A Starseed is a highly evolved spiritual being who has agreed to incarnate on earth to fulfill a particular soul mission. Starseeds are old souls who are originally from galaxies or solar systems far away from Earth but have chosen to live several lifetimes as human beings and go through human experiences.

5 Traits Of An Old Soul
Starseed Signs: Traits Of A Starseed

They have very high-vibrational energy and a thirst to heal those who vibrate at the lower frequencies. Starseeds bear spiritual gifts, wisdom, and knowledge that get activated at a predetermined point of their life and push them toward their spiritual goal, for which they have been sent to earth.

Of course, when they volunteer to come to earth, their memories get wiped clean, like all the other souls and they have no recollection of their origin or their chosen purpose.

These highly advanced souls are here for only one reason; to raise the vibration of the world with their positive energy and healing power. These Starseeds are thus healers, mediators, teachers, protectors, counselors, and nurturers among us.

They have been chosen to uplift mankind and carry the world through transformations and ascension. They perform this divine duty through their work, their passion, and their soul calling. It’s their Soul Purpose to bring more peace, love, healing, tolerance, understanding, unity, and expansion.

Most of the Starseeds on earth are from star systems like the Pleiades, Sirus, Andromeda, Orion, or Arcturus.

As Star People are not from earth and belong to a much more high-vibrational place of origin, they always feel disconnected from others, like a stranger, who long to go back home.

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Are You A Starseed or Star Person?

Starseeds come from various distant star systems or planets, but they have some distinct identifiable traits. If you feel you don’t belong to this planet or you cannot relate to the practices or popular cultures of our society, you might be a Starseed.

Watch out for the below-given traits of a star person and then if you can identify with these signs, you must do some soul searching and contemplations, to ascertain how exactly you can serve your divine duty and fulfill your life’s goal.

Starseed Signs: Signs You Are From Another Dimension

Here are the most common Starseed symptoms and Starseed signs that will help you uncover your true identity!

Physical Traits Of A Starseed:

  • Magnetic personality with an unexplainable charisma
  • Low Body Temperature or Low Blood Pressure
  • Hypersensitivity to odors, sound, and light
  • Unexplained aches and chronic pains

Emotional and Spiritual Traits Of A Starseed:

1. Homesickness

On our list of Starseed signs, first comes homesickness. You have this uncanny feeling of missing your home or a longing to go back home, no matter wherever you live.

Every time you look up at the night sky and see the distant stars and planets, you feel a pang of pain that you can’t explain. You experience an unexplainable nostalgia for a place or time that you have no memory of! All you want is to return home, and no place on earth can offer you that feeling of belonging.

2. Not Being Able To Fit In

Being an outcast is one of the prominent Starseed signs. All your life you have struggled to fit in with others. You cannot relate to the people around you and you cannot make sense of most of the things that are perceived to be “normal” by others.

You are more progressive, broadminded, and liberal than your peers, and have a strong sense of right and wrong. You cannot identify with your community and you have been often criticized for your bold or unpopular views.

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3. Empathic

Empathy is one of the lesser-known Starseed signs. However, one of your most powerful spiritual gifts is your ability to pick up on the feelings and emotions of others. You can tell how a person is feeling by just looking at them. You absorb their energy and their pain and feel the compulsion to heal them.

People often find your presence to be calming, and they feel inclined to vent their troubles to you. You might not be aware, but others feel recharged in your company. And your empathy extends to animals and trees as well. You feel one with the universe!

4. A Strong Urge To Fulfill An Unknown Purpose

You are a late bloomer. You have spent a big chunk of your life finding your calling as you felt mostly lost and unmotivated. Usually, it takes a long time for Starseeds to figure out what they should be doing with their lives. Turning your life around after 30? It’s one of the Starseed signs!

Many Star People, especially in their adolescence, get wrongly labeled as “lazy”, whereas they feel a fire burning within them, to perform the sacred duty for which they have come to this world. They feel they are meant to do something meaningful, but they just can’t understand what that could be.

5. Depth And High Intelligence With A Thirst For Learning

You often find that people in your life lack the depth and insights that you have. Interdimensional souls are a reservoir of spiritual knowledge and wisdom. They have access to the Akashik Records and are enriched with a very high degree of intelligence.

But, in spite of being intellectually advanced, they have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They want to understand the culture of different nations, they read about ancient civilizations, and they are keen to learn about human psychology and relationships.

Part of their mission on earth involves learning about human experiences and so they are driven by an urge to learn as much as possible, get their job done, and return to their homeland.

6. Intuitive

Are You A Starseed? 10 Revealing Starseed Signs You Are From Another Dimension
Starseed Signs

A strong sense of intuition is another psychic gift of yours and one of the important Starseed signs. You often get to know things that you are not supposed to know and can tell before something bad is about to happen.

You are perceptive and can read between the lines. An infallible gut feeling has always guided you throughout your life, and it keeps growing stronger as you grow older. With time, you have come to trust your hunches.

7. Psychic Or Supernatural Abilities

Other than your intuitive and empathic powers, you might have other supernatural abilities, such as clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, or clairsentience. And just like other Starseed signs, these spiritual gifts grow stronger with time. Additionally, you might also experience the following:

  • Third Eye Activation
  • Astral Projection
  • Encountered spirits/ ghosts/ angels/ extraterrestrial beings in a deep meditative state

8. Inclined To Spirituality

You are into spirituality as it helps you to understand things like poverty, war, and other human sufferings that overwhelm you. Concepts of rebirth, Karma, and healing make sense to you and give you emotional support and a sense of security. You are drawn to crystals, feathers, and divination tools and practices.

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9. Experience Of Emotional Unrest

Are You A Starseed? 10 Revealing Starseed Signs You Are From Another Dimension
Starseed Signs And Symptoms: 10 Signs You Are A Starseed

It is most likely that you suffer from psychological ailments like a chemical imbalance, anxiety, or depressive disorders. This emotional pain and unrest stems from your feeling of loneliness and not being understood by others.

You might feel you have been dealt a bad hand by destiny or that God has always been unfair to you. You have gone through several spiritual crises or Dark Night Of The Soul. In reality, these are critical Starseed signs and all these experiences have been orchestrated to make you:

  • Learn human experiences
  • Grow empathy and evolve as a soul
  • Seek spirituality
  • Arrive at your truth of being an eternal soul from another galaxy with a purpose

10. Experience Of A Severe Trauma

Other than your emotional suffering, you might have also experienced a traumatic injury or a mishap in your life. You might have a near-death experience or witnessed an accident.

What you need to know is all these incidents have been meticulously planned by the Source or God or Spirit, whichever name you like to call the One, to serve as an activation point for your spiritual awakening.

And before coming to this earth and embodying each human form, you are given the choice to consent to these experiences. Whatever happens to you, happens according to the Soul Contract that you agree to sign before every birth.

You have volunteered to go through these experiences to help mankind rise up to a higher state of existence. God loves you immensely as you are special; you are the chosen one!

Are You A Starseed? 10 Revealing Starseed Signs You Are From Another Dimension
Starseed Signs

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Some Other Starseed Signs

  • You have a deep-rooted belief in life on other planets
  • Children and animals are easily drawn to you
  • You are interested in conspiracy theories
  • You love nature and animals
  • You had imaginary friends when you were a child
  • Holistic or alternative treatment appeals to you
  • You are sensitive, imaginative, and creative
  • You love the sensation of touching others and being touched by them lovingly
  • You feel you have inherited very few qualities from your parents
  • Dreams or a faint memory of your previous life on another planet
  • Your strong aversion toward violence, hatred, war, poverty, inequality, or any kind of injustice
  • You are wary about garnering negative karma, as it will prolong your stay on earth
  • You love to travel
  • You are always on the lookout for your soul tribe or ‘people of your kind

The Truth Will Set You Free

Discovering your purpose will make you realize why you had to go through so many painful experiences and it will also explain your inability to fit in. Living your authentic truth will bring you the emotional and spiritual fulfillment that you searched for your entire life.

So, could you resonate with these Starseed signs? Leave a comment below.

Are You A Starseed? 10 Revealing Starseed Signs You Are From Another Dimension
Starseed Signs
Are You A Starseed? 10 Revealing Starseed Signs You Are From Another Dimension
Starseed Signs
Are You A Starseed? 10 Revealing Starseed Signs You Are From Another Dimension
Starseed Signs
Are You A Starseed Revealing Signs pin
Are You Starseed Revealing Signs pin

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    It’s all YES!
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    Having interactions with aliens and spirituel beings and meeting them in there dimension or seeing them in there dimension from this dimension, having many psychic abilities, so that I can help other lightbeings to be the best version of themselves….

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