We proudly embrace the carelessness of our youth.


the nights we stay awake and watch the sky turn from dark to blue
then end up waking the next day on someone else’s couch
only to find blurred memories we try to piece together but can’t remember
the amount of alcohol we push down our throats
in hopes of washing away the gloom that grows inside of us.
only to fail embarrassingly and have our bodies give up


We create endless epic adventures in search of our paper towns.


that sometimes even with the help of a map
we’re still so lost and don’t know where we’re going.
that eventually we discover peace and serenity
in the oceans we sail and the mountains we climb
that we find connections with people who carry the same damage as ours
that all together we wear our scars with our heads up


We fall in love recklessly


we spend our 3 am cuddling with someone who pledge infinity and tomorrow together with us
we run away with that person and leave everything behind us
and never ever look back again
we misplace ourselves in the middle of passionate kisses and sticky holding hands and deep conversations and sweet laughter
we forget the world and care less if we crash and burn in the end


We are young and delightfully naive


for we stand to what we believe is true

for we speak our mind incessantly
for we repeat the same mistakes and never get things right
for we hide away to the things we don’t want to see and words we don’t want to hear


We only get to be so young once


these are times we don’t sleep and dance the night away
these are days we will remember forever and tell our grandchildren about
these are the remembrances that validate our existence in the world
these are the faults, the successes, the regrets, the joys that make up who we are
these are the pure golden moments that show how truly and proudly young we all are