Tonight I hear the sound of the night

The darkness that burns your heart, A story weaves in a secret place. Years of search for a light, Spill out everything, Tonight.

The Heart Has A Mirror

The Heart Has A Mirror

The Heart Has A Mirror We aren’t alive or dead, We aren’t natural or ethereal, We haven’t body or soul, We do not exist in this world or in another,

Some Dreams

Some dreams bow out shapeless

Some dreams bow out shapeless, Scramble under a mantle of fog. The murky sun and the gravel road, Lived the austerity of the time.


Beggars Our place is placeless

Beggars, Our place is placeless, Traces of the traceless. Beggars, made of immortal light, We search the lyric grace of silent music,

So-Called ‘Life’

So Called Life

I laugh with my friends when we meet, ‘Cause when I’m alone, tears are what my heart keeps. And, all I want is freedom, From this so-called ‘life’.

There’s So Much To Live For

Theres So Much To Live For

There’s so much to live for Like having rain drops trickle down your face, Having your index finger wrapped in the palm of a baby,

Don’t Judge

Its nothing new to judge someone

Don’t Judge It’s nothing new to judge someone,Without being in their shoes, Without talking to the one, And knowing nothing ’bout his loss.

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