Her words find their way inside of us. They creep into the cracks we don’t realize are open. And we can’t help but let them. Because inside us is their home: her poems tell the stories that live inside of us.

RupiKaur is the most loved poetess and artist of our generation. The Insta-poet has made waves by voicing the most sensitive aspects of womanhood, empowerment, and inequality with simple words and her singular black and white sketches. Her expressions on paper are powerful and pinpointed.  She showed us how easy but difficult it is to be just to accept what we are. How we can make things right for ourselves by embracing what we are.

The New York Times Bestselling Author for book Milk And Honey chose pen and paper to make through the rough patches of her life and inspired other women how not to get defeated by the tough times. Her poems are something which almost every modern day woman can relate with. RupiKaur quotes and poems are honest and intense.

These are few of our most favorites short poems by RupiKaur, get ready for some soul food <3

You have the world within Yourself


We are So much more than appearance.


All you own is Yourself


All you need is yourself


Nothing is Stronger Than The Human Heart


If you are searching for your “better half,” start searching within yourself first.


What living a balanced life feels like 


Like it never happened


Laying a Strong Foundation


Put. Yourself. First.


Love with an Idea


All things come in twos


You are enough


Be your first love


Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did.  Do share more of Rupi Kaur’s work, if I have missed something good.

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