The Silent Pain of Emotional Withholding

Emotional withholding is typically a response to your trying to stand up for yourself, to an assertion of your rights within the relationship.
And perhaps the deepest pain of all comes from your partner’s insistence that you deserve to be treated this way, deserve to be punished, and, to paraphrase my older post, your partner’s absurd argument that if you just give up your silly notion of having a healthy, communicative relationship between two equal partners and resubmit to emotional domination and abuse, the caring, compassion, communication, and connection, the warmth and the love, will return.
And they might—for five minutes, five hours, even five days—until you assert your yourself again.
The truth is, caring, compassion, communication, connection, warmth, and love should NEVER be conditional and NEVER be willfully withheld, EVER, unless the relationship is already over and you need to draw a boundary to establish your new life and preserve your own sanity.
Withholding these within a relationship is abuse, a kind of emotional blackmail, no different from the other kind that threatens to hurt you where you’re most vulnerable if you don’t comply with your partner’s desires or needs. But the harder you work towards creating a healthy relationship, the more your dysfunctional partner will withhold the very things on which the health of the relationship depends.
This is how your relationship becomes “the passive-death non-relationship” that Sara mentions, and you feel emptied instead of filled, hollowed instead of hallowed, sunk under the weight of scorn and silence instead of buoyed by the lift of love.


When your partner withholds, after a while you give up and start doing it too. This creates the death-spiral in which both partners abandon the relationship, slink into siege mode behind the walls of their fortresses, and try to starve each other out until someone capitulates, crawling forward with parched throat on withered limbs, begging for a sip of water and a scrap of food.

There’s only one way to deal effectively with a partner who withholds from you, and it’s this: You must make it clear that the relationship is OVER, FOREVER, if your partner does not start acknowledging you and communicating. This is the only tactic that has a chance of working, because the withholding partner doesn’t actually want the relationship to end. Your tormentor is deriving too much satisfaction out of dispensing punishment and seeing you suffer.

Why you might want to remain with a sadist is your own business, but if you do want to try to save it, you have to threaten to leave and be willing to make good on your word if things don’t improve quickly. And if they do improve, you have to insist that you will be out the door if it ever, ever happens again.

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    The silent pain of Emotional Withholding Article

    It’s 2:18am. I was sitting hopeless. Alone. In the dark. And decided on Pinterest. And there it was. Your article. And it’s what I’ve needed. What I’ve been desperately and pathetically searching for. And it doesn’t even matter that I’m living this. Or for how long. Or “why”. It just mattered to me that someone really “got it”. And more than that, I knew the “answer” was simple. And I knew that something was going to help me. I just had to search and be open. . . Look. All that matters is that I am dying. And my two daughters are passed out, alone, on the couch where they’ve entertained themselves and gave up hope of quality time with mom and dad..another night. I didn’t get to tell them goodnight. I was too busy trying to convince my husband to just acknowledge I exist. And I’m dying. And it’s killing them too. And I didn’t bring them here. I didn’t get 30 years into life. 13 years into marriage. I didn’t get here to let anyone or anything take it from me. So easily. I am just giving it at this point. So thank you.

    Thank you.

    To the people responsible for this, I want to tell you that you just saved my life. I feel like I was drowning and I just came up for air. It was here. Inside of me. The answer. All this time. Thank you for letting me blabber a half journal entry/extremely sincere thank you. I will remember this for my lifetime.