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5 Surprising Signs That Your Relationship Is Solid

Signs Your Relationship Is Solid

How do you find out the signs your relationship is strong? Every relationship is different and they all possess different patterns and signs, a healthy relationship is somewhat subjective. But there are some hardbound rules that define signs you are in a healthy relationship. Knowing those signs your relationship will last forever, can help you incorporate the same into your relationship.

Are you looking to the universe to show you signs that your relationship is solid? You are not alone! We all want to believe that the relationship we are in is solid – that we have found OUR PERSON.

Unfortunately, we often fool ourselves into thinking that something that feels awesome ‘most of the time’ or where the sex is good or where things are ‘great when they are great’ is a solid relationship, only to be disappointed when it ends in heartbreak like all of the others before.

Knowing the signs that your relationship is solid is the best way to stop fooling yourself and walk away from a relationship that isn’t any good or celebrate if it is and move forward with confidence.

5 Signs Your Relationship Will Last Forever

Here are 5 surprising signs that your relationship is solid so that you will know, once and for all if you should stay or you should go.

1. You can be yourself, always.

Signs You Are In A Healthy Relationship
Signs You Are In A Strong Relationship: Lasting Relationship

Be honest. How many times have you twisted yourself into a pretzel in a relationship, trying to be someone who you aren’t?

How many times have you tried to act chill when you are not, really? Have you worn high heels when you are a flats kind of girl? How many times have you pretended to like music that you hate? How many times have you not been yourself so that someone will love you?

It is a huge sign that your relationship is solid when you don’t have to be anything other than the person you are. Why? Because, when you are in a solid relationship, your person will love you exactly the way you are.

When I first met my ex-husband I definitely wasn’t the real me. I tried to act chill when he couldn’t spend time with me, I started listening to music that he liked, I hung out with his friends even though they drove me nuts and I never complained about his family. And then, once we got married, I started to be more true to myself. As a result, I wasn’t the person who he fell in love with and now we are divorced!

In my current relationship, I am all that I am – impatient, kind, caring, a lover of Broadway tunes, and someone who works ALL the time. My boyfriend is very different from me but he loves me for exactly who I am, my work obsessions and all. So, if you feel like you can be yourself, always, it’s a big sign that your relationship is solid.

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2. You are self-confident.

I have a client who I am on the phone with almost every day. She and her boyfriend generally text throughout the day and on the days that the texting is intermittent she is a mess.

She believes that if she doesn’t hear from him, he no longer likes her, even though they woke up together that morning. If she doesn’t hear from him, she starts feeling needy and unloved. If she doesn’t hear from him, she makes up stories in her head about how she is not worthy. And she refuses to ask him to stay in touch during the day because she doesn’t want to seem needy.

If you are in a solid relationship, you won’t ever feel that way. You won’t feel that you are less than if you don’t hear from your person for a few hours. And you won’t ever feel needy when you ask for what you want because you know that you deserve it.

What you will feel instead is the self-confidence that comes from being fully loved and supported. How amazing would that feel?

3. You feel safe and steady.

Did you wake up this morning feeling really good? Did you kiss your boyfriend as you headed out the door, happy and not worried about your relationship? Was your mind free to focus on what was in front of you instead of obsessing about something he said last night?

Or did you seek reassurance from your person that you would hear from them during the day, that you would spend the night together, that they really loved you, that they wanted to be with you forever?

Someone who is in a solid relationship will feel safe and steady. Instead of always being on edge because they are unsure if things are good, a person in a solid relationship feels safe and secure in it. While there might be occasional disagreements, they know that their person is there and that they have their back. That gives them the confidence to feel good about their relationship so that they can focus on other things!

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