Dissolving Ego : 4 Signs Your Ego Is Disintegrating

Dissolving Ego : 4 Signs Your Ego Is Disintegrating

Death is usually associated with darkness, absence, and expiration. Maybe we did not consider ego when we thought of death. The death of one’s ego is a transformative, awe-inspiring, life-enhancing, and spiritual experience.

Not many are aware that on many occasions we are controlled by ego. Whereas actualizing oneself by eradicating the harsh grasp of ego is quite often a difficult task for many.

Is your ego holding you back in life?


What is Ego?

Every individual has a moral component in them which essentially monitors and regulates their behavior.

The concept of Ego was first introduced by psychologist Sigmund Freud. He divided everyone’s mental life into three agencies – the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. The Ego is that part of the individual which governs moral judgments.

Ego instigates a person to view the world through the lens of duality and bifurcates every reality into extremely contrasting concepts like bad/good, hate/love, beginning/end. The ego provides a person the agency to judge every situation and make the proper decisions to take. It can be described as the inner narrator as it voices to us what is wrong and what is right.

Often the ego’s black and white view of the world gets an individual to undergo inner conflicts. Not everything in this world can be viewed in extremely contrasting shades. This absolutely idealistic view of reality influences an individual to create differences among people as greater and lesser, better and worse and more such scathing mindsets. The ego makes us view the world in distinctions which subdue humane feelings in us. These breeds resentments, grudges, and bitterness among fellow-human beings.

Ego focuses on the self, the “I” and the “Me”.

“I have a big house.”
“You are better than me.”
“I am confident in myself.”

We are addressing the ego here. When we are too focused on the ego and its need gratification we become self-centered, losing synchronization with nature and the spiritual realm of our being.

The death of the ego is itself a very replenishing and enlightening journey. Actually the ego does not literally die, in fact, all we do is transcends to a higher level by leaving the shackles of the ego and live a life free out of the control of it.

To some, the death of the ego might be a very complicated and terrifying process as the ego will always abstain from returning to its natural form.


How would you know if your ego is dissolving?

Often we are not aware of our ego and the effect it has on us to keep us holding on to our negative and degrading thoughts of others and ourselves.


If your ego is dissolving, you will notice these 4 major signs in yourself:


1. Your judgments are increasingly being replaced by acceptance.

Ego views everything from an idealized or devalued lens. When we are governed by our ego, we tend to look at the world with overcritical eyes. We tend to divide everything into wrong and right, good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable.

But, interestingly, when your ego will slowly disintegrate, you will find yourself being at peace with everything. You will not judge people, circumstances, things, ideas like you initially used to.

When you look at someone else and their shortcomings, you will not criticize or look down upon them, instead, you will be compassionate and considerate of them. You will realize that everyone is uniquely special in their own way and that extends down to their flaws. You will rather view individuals as beautiful poetry. You will be respectful, appreciative and encouraging of other people.

You will start accepting everyone exactly as they are, no matter how imperfect.


2. You have an increased ability to empathize.

spectrum of empathy
Spectrum of Empathy

Empathy is the capacity of an individual to understand another person’s subjective experience by stepping outside one’s own mental frame of reference and jumping into the other person’s shoes.

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