8 Signs Your Relationship Is Gradually Becoming One Sided

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Gradually Becoming One Sided

Every love story and every relationship starts in the same way. Two people meet. They get to know each other. They start falling for each other. And before they know it, they have fallen head over heels in love, and only think about the bright, happy future they have ahead of them.

Unfortunately, things may start off on a good note, but not all relationships have a happy ending; some relationships gradually end up becoming one sided with time.

Being in a healthy relationship means both the partners working together and giving equal efforts to make the relationship a success. But when you realize that only you are putting in all the efforts, and only you are interested in making your relationship work, and your partner isn’t, then know that things are slowly unraveling. If your partner is just sitting idly while you are carrying the whole relationship on your shoulders, it’s so not fair to you.

Before things go further downhill, and you end up with a broken heart, maybe you should look for a few signs that point towards the fact that your relationship is becoming or has already become one sided.

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8 Signs Your Relationship Is Gradually Becoming One Sided

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8 Signs Your Relationship Is Gradually Becoming One Sided

1. You Always Take The First Step When It Comes To Showing Affection And Love.

Both of you fell in love. Both of you chose to be in this relationship. Both of you voluntarily decided to be together in this commitment. Then why is it that you are always the one who initiates any kind of affection, love, and attention? Why don’t they ever do it? This should come naturally in a relationship, and if it’s not, then it’s a huge red flag.

If it seems like you are the only one who is interested in talking to them, and they aren’t, then maybe you need to stop and think why is it so. Showing constant disinterest towards one’s partner is not just devastating and heartbreaking, but also incredibly insulting, and nobody deserves to go through that.

Talk to your partner about how you feel that the relationship is increasingly becoming one sided, and if they still seem unaffected, then maybe you need to let them go.

One-sided relationship
One sided relationship

2. You Constantly Feel Anxious And Troubled About Your Relationship.

Whenever you meet them or spend time with them, you feel a deep knot in your stomach, and no matter how hard you try, that niggling feeling of uncertainty just doesn’t seem to leave you. Before, whenever you used to spend time with your partner, happiness and fulfillment were constant, but now, all you feel is anxiety and your gut instinct screaming at you.

You know you are with the wrong person and in the wrong relationship when physically you don’t feel good when you are with them. If you find yourself reacting emotionally to the things you never used to react to, or if you find yourself overreacting to even the smallest of things, then maybe, deep down inside you are not getting the love and support you need from them.

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3. You Never Get Any Support From Them, But They Always Do From You.

Mutual support and understanding are some of the most important things in a healthy relationship. You support your partner when times are tough, and they do the same for you when you go through something hard. This is how normal and happy relationships work. But when your relationship is gradually becoming one sided, you will notice that whenever you need your partner, they are nowhere to be found.

But when they need your help and support, they expect you to stand by them like a rock, and you do. You do support them. You do stand by them. And you make sure that they don’t have to go through their struggles alone. But what about your feelings, your needs, and your expectations? What about all that?

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