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Big Signs You Have Found The One

We put a lot of emotions and energy into our relationships. So, before investing our feelings and time, it’s a good idea to look out for the markers of the right partner; the signs they are the one for you.

Finding a compatible partner is no walk in the park. So many considerations need to be made when you are looking for a long-term relationship that entails a meaningful connection. In an age where innumerable online counselors, therapists, and relationship coaches provide tips and tricks for perfect dating life, you’ll think choosing a partner should be easy. Well, it’s not!

On the contrary, it seems that differentiating a right partner from a wrong one has become increasingly difficult. Your intuition is definitely doing its part, but how would you know whether you have found the one?

5 Signs They Are The One For You

Here’s decoding for you 5 loud signs that tell you have found the one and you two are in for the long haul.

1. They Prioritize You

Are you the only one canceling plans for them? Are they finding excuses to avoid spending time with you? 

If you say ‘yes’ to both, sorry, you are still not the golden one for them. Being overburdened with work is a harsh reality of our lives. But the hard-to-swallow pill is that, no matter how busy and exhausted you are, you will find a few minutes to spend with your partner if you truly value them. Sometimes they might miss it, but it is the urge, the efforts they make to put you before everything else that matters. 

If they are dedicating a huge chunk of their time and energy to you, you are darn important to them. 

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2. They Appreciate Your Efforts

Some relationships lack essential appreciation for each other. Whether it’s an emerging relationship or an existing relationship, appreciation is a key yet underrated ingredient for making a relationship successful. 

Who doesn’t want to be praised and complimented for the little but thoughtful things one does for one’s partner?  If they are appreciating the small efforts you put in to make them feel desired, it means they pay attention to you. They notice your efforts, however insignificant they may seem. Hence they are emotionally invested in you. They acknowledge what you do for them and understand and respect you for that. Their showing appreciation for the way you make them feel special displays how much your efforts mean to them.

3. They Have Always Got Your Back

No matter what circumstances you are in, they are always there to save your day. 

Be it a bad day at the office, or a fallout with your close friend, they are ready to lend you their shoulders to weep on. They bring you your favorite food, a few good series to watch, just to see that curve on your lips. If need be, they even sacrifice their own needs to cater to your happiness.

Someone who pays no heed to the anxiety they cause to you when they cancel plans, keeps you guessing, and plays dirty mind games is not the one for you.

A great partner should feel like home; somewhere you can take refuge when the entire world around you is falling apart.

signs they are the one
When your partner is worth it

4. You Feel Comfortable With Them

Relationships that have emotional intimacy and depth are meant for the long haul. If you cannot trust the other person with your flaws, secrets, insecurities, and vulnerabilities, you are still scraping from the surface. 

There will be a sense of peace and security in a relationship that is warm and comfortable. They will share with you their secrets, flaws, and bad habits as easily as they share their accomplishments and strengths. On the other hand, you will not feel like you have a chance of being judged by sharing your own insecurities. You know you can manifest your true self before them and they will accept you anyway. 

This takes me to the most crucial standard to look out for in the person you are planning your ‘forever-after’ with which is their ability to handle your shadow aspect. 

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5. They Can Manage Your Demons Well

Let’s admit it. None of us are perfect. We all have our bad days, our moments of weakness, and our intense mood swings. If the person you are investing in lacks the emotional maturity to handle you at your worst, then sure as hell, they do not deserve you at your best. 

There will invariably be situations when you might feel insecure about yourself, act needy and demanding, act excessively jealous. But a partner who knows the crux of your personality will never judge you for your weak moments. Rather they will validate your emotions and try to compose you when you feel overwhelmed. If they do not display frustration, anger, or disgust at your emotional upheavals, thank your lucky stars, you have found a keeper. 

Your Intuition Signs That They Are The One

You definitely have your individualistic choices of attributes that you desire in your life partner, but these are a few criteria that put your mind at ease and signal that you have found the one at last.

You don’t need to force yourself to be in a relationship with a person who isn’t good for your mental peace. There are plenty of possibly compatible people out there who are worthy enough of your affection. And if you can identify these signs with someone special, then they are the one for you.

5 Big Signs Your Partner is Worth Your Time
5 Big Signs Your Partner is Worth Your Time
big signs your partner is worth your efforts and time pin
big signs your partner is worth your efforts and time
Big Signs You Have Found The One pin

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