5 Big Signs Your Partner is Worth Your Time

5 Big Signs Your Partner is Worth Your Time

The big 5 Signs That Your Partner is Worth Your Efforts And Time

Once we go deep into a relationship it becomes difficult to build oneself all over again if it fails. To avoid such a mess, know for sure if the person you are emotionally investing on is worth your efforts or not. 

Finding a compatible partner has become a very difficult task. So many considerations need to be made when you are looking for a long term relationship that entails meaningful connection. 

In an age where innumerable online counselors, therapists, relationship coaches provide tips and tricks for fulfilling dating life, choosing a partner should not be too troublesome.

On the contrary, it seems that differentiating a worthy person from an unworthy one while dating has become increasingly difficult. Our intuition is definitely doing its part, but what more do we need to consider while we invest our emotions and time on a person?

Here’s decoding for you 5 loud signs that your partner is worth your efforts and that you should keep him/her.

1. They prioritize you.

Are you the only one canceling plans for them? Are they finding excuses to boycott spending time with you? 

If you say ‘yes’ to both, sorry, you are still not the golden one for them. Being overburdened with work is a harsh reality of our fast lives. But the hard-to-swallow pill is that, no matter how busy, exhausted they are, they will find a few minutes to spend with you. Sometimes they might miss it, but it is the urge, the efforts they make to put you before everything else that matters. 

If they are dedicating a huge chunk of their time and energy to you, you are darn important to them. 


2. They appreciate your efforts.

Some relationships lack essential appreciation for each other. Whether it’s an emerging relationship or an existing relationship, appreciation is a key yet underrated ingredient to making a relationship successful. 

Who doesn’t want to be praised and complimented for the trivial yet immensely potential things one does for one’s partner?  If they are appreciating for the small efforts you put to make them feel desired, it could mean either or both of these two things: 

They pay attention to you. They notice your efforts, however insignificant it seems. Hence they are emotionally invested in you. 

They acknowledge what you do for them and understand and respect you for that. 

Reciprocating appreciation about how they feel when specially treated displays how much your efforts mean to them.


3. They have always got your back. 

No matter what circumstances you are in, they are always there to save your day. 

Be it a bad day at the office, or a fall out with your close friend, they are ready to lend you their shoulders to weep on. They also bring you your favorite food, a few good series to watch, just to see that curve on your lips. 

If need be, they even sacrifice their own needs to cater to your happiness. Someone who pays no heed to the anxiety caused to you when they cancel plans, keeps you guessing, and playing dirty mind games is already a big turn-off. 

A great partner should feel like home – somewhere you can take refuge when the entire world around you is falling apart. 


4. You feel comfortable with them.

Relationships that have emotional intimacy and depth are meant for a long haul. If you cannot trust the other person with your flaws, secrets, insecurities, and vulnerabilities, you are still scraping from the surface. 

There will be a sense of peace and security in a relationship that is warm and comfortable. They will share with you their secrets, flaws and bad habits as easily as they share their accomplishments and strengths. On the other hand, you will not feel like you have a chance of being judged on sharing your own insecurities. You know you can manifest your true self before them and they will accept you anyway. 

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