There are girls who are hot but do not confirm to the image of hot women we have in our minds. She does not have a figure comparable to a ‘lingerie model’, yet men seem to lose their mind around her. She is the most attractive of the lot. But what makes her that way? If you observe her, it wouldn’t be difficult to understand. Her attraction lies in her attitude and not in her appearance. She exudes the charm and energy that makes her hot and attractive.

So, do you want to be that ‘hot’ girl? It’s easy. Just love yourself and other will love you too. Look inside and expose that part of you that is most self-respecting and confident. Dare to kill your insecurities that constantly pull you down, that steals the glow of confidence that is yours. Ignore the voice of your insecurities and be that hot girl you had always wanted to be.

Here is how to identify the hot girl that lives within you:

  1. The hot girl in you doesn’t feel the need to please a man or prove she is deserving of him. She wants to be with someone who truly values your worth.

  2. The part of you that is self-confident doesn’t require a man to complete her. That part of you is the hot girl and she is self-complete.

  3. Everything in your life has to do with one person when you allow your insecurities rule your emotions. A strong woman would never let that happen. She would maintain her personal space.

  4. The hot girl never comes second, she expects her man to treat her as his priority.

  5. When slighted by a man, the hot girl doubts his desirability, rather than her own.

  6. The hot girl doesn’t care much for a guy is not clear about his feelings towards her.

  7. Don’t judge yourself from a man’s point of view. The confident girl within you measures herself as per her own parameters.

  8. The hot gets more because she expects more.

  9. The hot girl lets her strengths define her, she never frets over her weakness.

  10. The hot girl will be with a man if she wants.

  11. The hot girl does not compromise her independence for a guy.

  12. The hot girl identifies the red flags and leaves instantly.

  13. Respect and not attention is what the hot girl in you wants.

  14. The hot girl knows she doesn’t need to work hard to keep her man interested. With a right guy she just needs to put the right work to nurture the relationship.

  15. The hot girl trusts her gut feelings and never denies if she is getting wrong signals.

  16. The confident you know being intelligent, independent and interesting is actual attractiveness.

  17. The hot girl in you will always think if she is truly involved with the guy and not the opposite.
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