Signs Of Reincarnation: Is Cellular Memory The Key To Our Past Lives?

Signs Of Reincarnation


6. Unexplained Pain

Firstly, if you are experiencing pain that cannot be explained, then you should seek the help of a medical professional immediately. In case, your doctor is unable to pinpoint the exact cause for a particular pain you are experiencing, then there’s a good chance that your discomfort could be related to experiences from your previous life.

The most common type of pain experienced in most cases is a specific ache in a particular place that is related to an injury or wound you might have sustained in your past life. Use this information and link it with the other data you can gather from the other signs of a previous life, then you can get a clearer and more detailed picture.


7. Old Souls

If you feel older than your actual age, then you might have lived many lives before. Some people are born with old souls and they are considered to be reincarnated according to the Soul Age theory.

The concept claims that our souls mature, progress and develop from birth to birth from an infant soul to an awakened soul. As per this theory, you will have child-like and primitive characteristics if your soulful energy has been reincarnated only a few times. On the other hand, you will feel older than your age if your soul has reincarnated a number of times on earth. You will have wise and mature characteristics irrespective of your age.

Have you lived before?

Whether you lived a past life or not can be determined by various factors. But most of all, you will need to rely on your instincts and gut feelings.The truth is reincarnation is a puzzling, strange and mysterious topic.

If you believe in past lives and reincarnation, then may be these signs can tell you more than you already know.

However, the signs of reincarnation mentioned above can be easily described through psychological and medical explanations. So even if you have experienced any or all of these signs, it does not necessarily mean that you have a past life.

These phenomena are simply a starting point for you to get some idea about what you are experiencing or what you believe to be true. The best way to find out about your past life experiences is to go for past life regression therapy conducted by a licensed therapist.

Can you identify any of the above mentioned signs? Do you have any birthmarks or unusual memories that are trying to tell you about your past life? Are you listening closely to you what your cellular memories have to say? Share your story below.

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Signs Of Reincarnation

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