Is He Drifting Away? 8 Signs He Is Losing Interest And How To Turn Things Around


Signs He Is Losing Interest: Is He Drifting Away?

It’s one of the worst feelings in this world when the person you love, starts to lose interest in you. You thought that everything was going great and you are the happiest you have ever been, and then suddenly, you realize that he is acting very distant and emotionally detached. Today we are going to talk about the major signs he is losing interest.

Once you know these signs you will be able to better understand what’s actually going on in your relationship, instead of staying in a bubble, not knowing the truth. Also, why do guys act so interested then pull away? So annoying!

And we won’t just talk about the signs he is losing interest, but we will also provide some effective and useful tips regarding what to do when he lost interest.

Whether you are in a new relationship or have been together for years, these insights could make a world of difference. Let’s get right to it the, shall we?

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8 Signs He Is Losing Interest

1. He doesn’t show interest in making plans with you.

In any committed relationship, spending quality time with each other is extremely important. And you will notice that in every healthy and stable relationship, both partners actively put in effort to spend quality time. After a hard, stressful day, unwinding with your partner is one of the best feelings.

However, if you notice that your partner hardly shows interest in spending time with you, and always seems to maintain distance from you lately, this might be one of the major signs he is losing interest.

Signs he is losing interest

2. He doesn’t go on any dates with you anymore.

At the start of the relationship, he couldn’t wait to see you and go on romantic dates with you. But now, it’s like you don’t even exist for him; he never has time for you. He never makes plans for date nights, nor does he say yes when you make one.

If his calendar is now free of plans involving you, it’s a huge sign of disinterest. He might even cancel plans at the last minute, citing work issues or personal emergencies. No matter how much space and understanding you might give him, nothing seems to change.

3. He behaves in a very vague and ambiguous way.

Why do guys act so interested then pull away? It’s heartbreaking and emotionally draining to say the least.

While not always blatant, if a man becomes vague about his plans or intentions it may suggest his interest is waning and he doesn’t really want to be with you anymore. Moreover, if he avoids talking about his plans which then turn out to involve friends or family without you, then this is one of the biggest signs he is losing interest.

This just goes on to show that he is trying to distance himself from you, physically and emotionally. Maybe he doesn’t want to hurt you, that’s why he is gradually moving away and on from you.

4. He doesn’t notice you anymore.

Does he no longer seem to notice the little things about you anymore? In the early stages of the relationship, he was always very hyper-attentive, picking up on every subtle change or new thing you tried.

He would offer a comforting word when you were feeling down or give you his jacket when you were cold. But now, those sweet and thoughtful gestures have dried up, replaced by indifference and distance.

If he is no longer making the effort to stay attuned and connected to you on a deeper level, then maybe he doesn’t feel for you anymore.

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5. He tries to find excuses to not spend time with you.

At first, he was eager and attentive, and always available. Now he is often tied up with work or errands and usually unwell. If someone repeatedly gives excuses to not meet you or spend time with you, then take it as a hint that they don’t want you around them.

Moreover, if he keeps on behaving like this, then it’s very clear that he is becoming disinterested with you. He doesn’t value your needs and desires as much anymore.

6. He is always picking fights with you.

Petty arguments and fights are normal in every relationship, however, if he is constantly picking fights with you, even regarding the smallest of things, then this is one of the signs he is losing interest in you.

Everything you do seems to annoy him, and you just can’t do anything right. Mundane and the most irrelevant things seem to spark disputes between you two. This could indicate that he’s trying to distance himself from you but wants you to take on the role of the ‘villain.’

He might not express it explicitly, but he will deliberately instigate fights with you, so that you are forced to end things with him, and he can be free from you and the relationship.

Signs he is losing interest in you

7. He has become almost unresponsive when it comes to calls and texts.

Another worrying sign is when he becomes less responsive when it comes to your calls and texts. In the beginning, you two were practically joined at the hip, texting and talking for hours on end.

However now, his responses to your texts are few and far between, and he rarely picks up your call. Either he is distracted by something or someone else, or he doesn’t think its important anymore to stay in touch with you.

Whatever the reason may be, it’s a red flag that requires an open and honest discussion. For your sake and his.

8. He has started flirting with others, sometimes even in front of you.

If he has started to openly flirt with others and that too in front of you, then it’s one of the most obvious signs he is losing interest in you. Playful banter between partners is normal, but blatantly flirting with others when you are present is extremely disrespectful.

It’s clear that he doesn’t value you or the relationship anymore. This sort of behavior might be a calculated attempt to make you jealous or he may be mentally and emotionally checked out and looking to pursue other romantic interests.

Okay, that we have discussed the signs he is losing interest in you, let’s talk about what to do when he lost interest.

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What To Do When He Lost Interest?

  • Focus on yourself: Prioritize yourself and your goals and interests, instead of constantly pining after him. Engage in things that make you feel alive and happy.
  • Don’t beg for his attention: This will only push him further away, and will make him feel even more annoyed. Instead, show him that you are perfectly fine by yourself, and you are an independent woman who doesn’t need anyone else to make you feel fulfilled.
  • Suggest couples’ counselling: However, don’t make it sound like an ultimatum. Present it as an opportunity to strengthen your bond, not fix him.
  • Surprise him: What to do when he lost interest? Surprise him with a spontaneous romantic gesture, but don’t overdo it. A simple, thoughtful act does have the power to reignite the spark.
  • Consider whether this relationship is worth saving: If he remains emotionally distant and aloof, despite your efforts, then maybe it’s time to let him go and move on.
Signs he is losing interest and what you should do


If you feel that these signs he is losing interest applies to your partner and relationship, then don’t freak out just yet. Try the above-mentioned strategies and see if things change for the better.

If they don’t, despite you putting in a lot of effort, then try to accept that he is not the one and that you deserve better.

what to do when he lost interest

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