8 Nonverbal Cues That Someone Is Not Into You

Nonverbal Cues Someone Is Not Into You

Did you know that nonverbal cues can clearly give you a hint, whether the person you like is actually interested in you or not? 

Have you heard the saying, “Actions speak louder than words”? That is certainly the case with some nonverbal cues.

Here are some body language cues that suggest that a romantic partner may be losing interest in you.

1. Lack of Eye Contact. 

A consistent research finding is that people in love spend a great deal of time gazing into each other’s eyes. If your partner rarely makes eye contact or looks away when you look into their eyes, this is a sign of disinterest. Want to know more about how you can understand when someone is not into you? Read 10 Biggest Signs He’s Just Not Into You

2. No Tie Signs

Tie signs are nonverbal cues of touch that “connect” people – holding hands, an arm over the shoulder or around the waist, a hand on the leg. Such tie signs tell other people that you two are connected. A lack of body-language tie signs suggests that he or she doesn’t want that tight bond.

3. Fake Smiles. 

During authentic smiles — what psychologist Paul Ekman calls Duchenne smiles – the eyes are involved. They narrow and “crinkle” at the corners. A Duchenne smile indicates true happiness. In fake smiles, the eyes aren’t involved; fake smiles suggest that the person is not truly happy. Are you getting true or fake smiles from your partner?

4. Cues of Impatience. 

When interacting with that certain someone, does he or she give off body language cues of impatience? Head shaking, agitated motions and quick-talking responses all suggest that a person doesn’t have time for you.

Looking to know more about how you can fathom whether he actually is interested or not? Read How To Know If He’s Really Interested or Flirting Based On His Zodiac Sign

5. Body Orientation. 

When people are making a personal connection, they give off “cues of immediacy” – orienting their bodies to face the other individual, leaning forward, and maybe even engaging in “postural mirroring” (mimicking the other person’s posture and gestures).

If your partner is standing to your side, turning his or her head to talk, it’s a sign that he or she may not be that into you.

6. Tone of Voice. 

Soft and soothing or somewhat shrill? Voice tone is a subtle but informative nonverbal channel. A shrill or impatient tone of voice suggests disinterest. If the other person is into you, their tone of voice should be soft and attentive.

7. Looking Askance. 

If the other person is always looking away when talking to you, particularly when you are trying to make eye contact, that suggests disinterest. If the other person pulls out a smartphone and looks at it during your important or intimate conversations, you are in trouble.

Nonverbal Cues
Nonverbal Cues

8. Facial Asymmetry. 

A subtle indicator of displeasure is when our facial expressions become asymmetrical – mouth pulled to one side, an eye roll, or a look of puzzlement. When we are truly into someone, our facial expressions are symmetrical and positive, expressing positive emotions.

Written By Ronald E. Riggio

Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

If you are always confused about whether someone is actually and genuinely interested in you or not, then these nonverbal cues can help you solve that mystery. In case you find these signs in your partner, then maybe it is time for you to leave and wait for someone who will give you the love you truly deserve.

If you want to know more about how nonverbal cues can show if someone is into you or not, then check this video out below:

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