Signs He Doesn’t Love You, You Are Just Convenient

 July 08, 2017

Signs He Doesn't Love You, You Are Just Convenient

Ironically even the most honest and purest of all ‘love’ is now being faked with ease. This one is quite tricky, differentiating a real relationship from one which stinks of lust, betrayal or just convenience.

The real relationship requires lots of efforts, your raw emotions, and honesty. Affair sounds to be an easy deal but a real relationship is always better than the fake one in long run. Those who just want to get in your pants don’t have the balls to put in the efforts. Loyalty is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Not everyone who says those cheesy words actually loves you. Love requires efforts and not everyone is ready for that. People can manipulate you and give you the feeling that they are the one for you and their love is true while all they want is to get in your pants or maybe they just don’t want to be alone.

5 Signs He Doesn’t Love You, You Are Just Convenient

1. You don’t know each other’s family or friends

I’ve been in love once, I wanted to climb up the highest tower in my city and tell the whole world how much I loved her. Okay, that is Insanity and you don’t need to do that in love but any person who is serious about you will try to make you part of his life, he will want you to meet his friends and family so that you get to know each other and be comfortable around.

He will never do this unless he sees a future with you but if he does it means, he sees you in his future and wants you to know what life around him is like.

Not introducing you to parents or friends even after months of a relationship can only mean two things, he doesn’t see a future with you and wants to break up or he was never interested in you, it was all for sexual gains.
If neither of you ever thought of this then maybe you didn’t really have any affection at all and may be what you both wanted all along was physical intimacy.

2. There are no exceptional memories

Love is an exceptional feeling and if you feel anything less than amazing, is it even love? If your relationship is like any other day of your single life and there isn’t anything that touches you or makes you laugh or give you any special feeling that cannot be a real relationship.

There has to be something, anything! The times you laughed together at silly jokes, some silly nicknames or anything. It doesn’t need to be a big event or adventure, any small moment that brought you closer is special. The moments that remind you of them, like if you see a post or meme on facebook and it reminds you of them and you tag them.

It can be a post about a movie or a meme about any incident which you can relate to. It’s that simple. If nothing is happening, well there is nothing really happening then. If sex is what your memories are limited to, you should know it is nowhere near real relationship.

3. Poor communication

Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. If you don’t remember when was the last time you both talked to each other heart to heart, pouring everything out, you’re not really in love. You got to know what’s happening in your partner’s life.

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