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4 Signs You Care Too Much Of What Others Think And How To Stop

4 Signs You Care Too Much Of What Others Think And How To Stop

Have you ever noticed the signs that you care too much about what other people think of you?

Caring too much is worse than not caring at all.

By not setting boundaries and reasonable priorities, you enable others to not grow and weaken yourself. It can go deeper than mere people-pleasing. Spiritually and mentally withering away because you gave all your love and resources to another, may seem like noble suffering.

In truth, it isn’t. You fill the need that is supposed to motivate that person to create new resources and means of caring for themselves.

Manipulative and aggressive personalities are drawn to people who care too much, painting them as targets.

4 Signs You Care Too Much Of What Others Think And How To Stop

Below we have summarized the 4 signs that you care too much, and how you can stop doing that before it drains all your emotional energy.

4 Signs You Care Too Much And How To Stop

1. You And Your Needs Are Never A Priority

You are the kind of person to make everyone else get a plate before you serve yourself. This means that you don’t always get a plate of food for yourself. You constantly make sure everyone around you has what they need to succeed, but never listen to your own needs for success.

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You are so busy making sure everyone feels empowered and loved your own needs get pushed to the side. Your own mental and spiritual health can be jeopardized.


It isn’t greedy for you to give yourself a priority. If you are starving, you can’t work to feed another person. You have to help yourself and maintain your own health and opportunities to grow. If you aren’t moving forward and nurturing yourself, you will have limited resources to share with others. To help others YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF.

2. You Fear The Opinions And Rejections Of Others

You are motivated by the opinions of others. You don’t want to get left behind so you make yourself valuable. You don’t wish to cross anyone so you keep your opinions to yourself. You don’t take the lead even when it would be better for all involved.


The people who are so selfish and short-sighted to only keep around people who are only useful to them are not capable of creating relationships that are lasting. No matter how helpful you are, you will be replaced eventually, so be genuine and seek out people who truly appreciate you.

3. Needy, Desperate, Dependent People Are Naturally Attracted To You

People are drawn to what they seek. Needy people know you will be willing to tolerate and feed them attention. Dependent individuals seek out someone who will provide them a support system.

Basically you are a magnet for anyone who has not worked to complete their personality. They are not looking to become better people, they want to find a better support structure to protect and feed them. They will drain and detract resources and energy from you until there is nothing left.


Create boundaries for yourself and make them clear to others. Do not compromise them for anyone. You have drawn these lines for reasons important to you. It is not fair for anyone to try to compromise your self-respect.

4. You Are Often Taken For Granted

People walk all over you, take what is yours and disrespect you. People perceive your kindness for weakness.


Distance yourself from insincere, abusive people. You have to feel empowered to grow and flourish. You can’t do this while under someone’s boot. Create boundaries that you stand by, never compromise your self-love or respect and push out anyone who isn’t productive and genuine from your life.

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Caring about other people is an admirable quality, but caring too much and at the cost of your own happiness, is wrong. It can suck out all your positive energy and leave you depressed and unhappy.

If you want to know more about the signs that you care too much, watch this video below:

4 Signs You Care Too Much And How To Stop
4 Signs You Care Too Much Of What Others Think And How To Stop

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