21 Signs You Might Actually Be An Ambivert

Signs You Might Actually Be An Ambivert

10. You are always happy with your weekend shenanigans.

Whether you choose to stay at home for the weekend or go out partying, you are always happy with whatever you do. Being an introvert or an extrovert means either not doing anything at all, or going absolutely crazy; with you, you are fine with either of the options. You will thoroughly enjoy yourself sitting at home binging on movies, and you will also enjoy yourself dancing at the hottest party in town.

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11. You are emotionally steady in almost every situation.

Extroverts tend to thrive in louder and more happening places, whereas introverts prefer quieter places and situations. An extrovert will feel emotionally unstable and uncomfortable in quiet places, and an introvert will find it challenging to behave normally in loud places. But, if you are an ambivert, you will flourish in both these situations, due to your adaptable nature. You will feel at the place at a rock concert, as well as at a yoga retreat.

12. You like small talk, but you adore deep conversations.

Introverts despise small talk and stay miles away from it, and always look to have deeper and more intimate conversations. Extroverts are more on the chatty side, and love talking about anything and everything, and don’t really think too much about deeper conversations. Ambiverts are fine with both, though you have a soft corner for deep and philosophical conversations more.

13. You have tons of friends, along with a few close friends.

Introverts like being friends with just a few people who they can fully trust, whereas extroverts can be friends with literally anyone and everyone. Ambiverts tend to have both: they have innumerable people as friends, but also a few close friends who they trust completely and consider like family in their lives.

14. You like teamwork as well as being the sole fighter.

Again, balance is the middle name of ambiverts and they do a good job in group projects as well as in projects in which they have to work alone. They have the talent and confidence of going at it alone, but they also value teamwork and working together collectively.

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15. You like the limelight, but not too much of it.

You like being the center of attention, and you love it when people praise, acknowledge and appreciate you. But you might actually be an ambivert when the spotlight becomes too much for you, and you feel the need to escape from it. When everything becomes too much, you can’t wait to shift it in someone else, or simply go back home into your little bubble.

How it feels to be an ambivert
How it feels to be an ambivert

16. You know how to balance everything out.

You have a tendency to balance out whoever you’re with – if you’re with someone loud, you’ll be quieter. If they’re quiet, you’ll compensate for that and bring out your energetic, extroverted side. That is why, you are the life of the party, as well as the wise soul in the group, depending on the kind of people you are with.

17. You are intuitive.

You’re known to be quite intuitive and good at picking up signals that other people can miss. You have a keen eye and are very good at gauging people and their real intentions, which is why most of your friends always come to you for good and truthful advice. That is why even though you have many friends when it comes to close friends, you have only a few.

18. You can get along with everyone very easily.

Since you have both introverted and extroverted traits, you find it easy to get along with everyone. If you are hanging out with an introvert, your own introverted side will come out, and if you are hanging out with an extrovert, your extroverted traits will be dominant. You can mix with various kinds of personalities with the utmost ease.

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