The ONLY Sign To Know For Sure If She Is Attracted To You

The ONLY Sign To Know For Sure If She Is Attracted To You

Women are complicated creatures. Men have tried for ages to understand women and we are still trying in vain. But when it comes to attraction, this ONE sign will let you know if she is into you or not.

Have you ever been out with a buddy and a woman starts talking to the both of you and in your mind you’re thinking:

“Oh man, she likes me. I can get her.”

And even if she starts to pay more attention to your buddy, you still think she’s digging you.

Men are funny that way.

Women are very, very obvious when they like somebody.

The other night, Obi and I went to Cafe Gratitude in Venice.

It is a vegan, organic, healthy restaurant.

It’s also full of very interesting characters, and some great-looking women.

They’ve got people that will chew their food with their eyes closed like they’re having some orgasmic experience.

You’ve got a lot of hippies.

You have a lot of people that probably do yoga at sunrise, chant, and follow some spiritual guru.

Yea, it’s that kind of place. But did I mention the good food and hot women in yoga pants?

Anyway, we were sitting at the bar—yes, they do have a bar there, but it’s a vegan bar so it’s a lot different, not boozy—and this waitress comes over and starts talking to Obi and me.

The next time she comes back she completely ignores me, and says to Obi, “Oh my god, you eat raw? You’re, like, glowing.”

Meanwhile, I’m sitting there as the invisible man.

She continues to talk, doesn’t look at me one time at all, and is figuratively vomiting all over him. I’m sitting there, of course, thinking, “Hey, I glow too, you know.”

Here’s the deal: When a woman is interested in you, and you’re with a friend, you will know it instantly.

Women get fixated on the man they’re attracted to. They will literally ignore the other guy.

I was the invisible man in this situation.

But I have no problem being the invisible man. I actually quite enjoy being the invisible man because I like it when my friends get the action. I enjoy when my friends get it on. I’m somebody who likes to share.

I don’t believe every single woman is attracted to me, as a lot of guys do. Other guys would see that happening and start competing with their friends.

But I don’t believe in competition whatsoever. I was invisible the whole night and I didn’t care.

She came back probably five, six times. Never once talking to me first. She was talking to Obi—which is wonderful because that’s how life works.

When a woman you like is attracted to one of your friends, let it go. Don’t try to steal her. Don’t try to manipulate it towards you. Just realize that there’s an abundance of women that are out there, and the next one may be interested in you and have no interest in your friend.

Every woman is different and has a different taste.

Let it be and enjoy it.


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Written by David Wygant
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The ONLY Sign To Know For Sure If She Is Attracted To You

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