8 Mildly Scary Movies For Kids On Netflix They’ll Scream For… In Delight!


Mildly Scary Movies For Kids On Netflix For Halloween

As the season of Halloween approaches, watching scary movies can become a fun family tradition. Fortunately, there are so many scary movies for kids on Netflix that you will be absolutely spoilt for choice. These scary Halloween movies for kids have the right amount of spookiness to make it exciting but not too much to give them nightmares. It’s all about fun scares that make the kids giggle more than shiver.

The list we have curated titled is filled with scary movies for Halloween that are perfect for a family movie night. These films are packed with adventurous tales, funny characters, and just a touch of mystery to keep the young ones entertained.

So, why not make a big bowl of popcorn, gather around, and enjoy a night of light-hearted scares? It’s a fun way to get into the spooky spirit of the season without keeping the kids up all night.

Let’s explore some of the best scary movies for kids on Netflix, and scary movies for Halloween in general.

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8 Best Scary Movies For Kids On Netflix They’ll Thoroughly Enjoy

1. The Boy Who Cried Werewolf (2010)

This is a Nickelodeon television movie that showcases the story of a family who inherits an eerie castle in Wolfsberg, Romania. During their visit to the castle, the youngest member of the family, Jordan, a shy and unassuming teenager, accidentally steps on a vial of werewolf blood and turns into a werewolf.

Now, Jordan and her brother Hunter have to navigate through the unexpected twists and turns, while adjusting to her newfound powers. As they delve deeper into the mystery, they uncover long-hidden family secrets along the way.

Why Kids Will Enjoy This Movie

This movie strikes a perfect balance between gentle scares and humor, ensuring a delightful watch for youngsters. Through a whimsical werewolf tale set in mystical Romania, it fosters family bonding, showcases the essence of bravery, self-acceptance, and sprinkles life lessons amid hearty laughs—ideal for a spooky, fun-filled family movie night.

2. DreamWorks Spooky Stories (2009)

One of the best scary movies for kids on Netflix, this is a fun collection of six short films full of mild scares and humor, featuring favorite characters from DreamWorks animations like Shrek and Monsters vs. Aliens.

In one story, Shrek challenges his friends to tell spooky tales, while in another, the gang from Monsters vs. Aliens face off against giant, scary carrots. Each tale is filled with light scares and lots of laughs, making it great fun for kids.

The familiar faces from popular movies, playful spooky themes, and creative stories make this compilation entertaining and just right for a family movie night, especially around Halloween.

Why Kids Will Enjoy This Movie

This collection has gentle scares and familiar characters from DreamWorks that make spooky fun for kids. The witty humor in each story makes the eerie parts enjoyable. The inventive tales and captivating animation are great for sparking kids’ creativity, making it a perfect choice for a family movie night during Halloween.

3. Goosebumps (2015)

Not just for kids, this is one of the best options overall, when it comes to scary movies for Halloween.

“Goosebumps” is a fun, spooky movie where teenager Zach Cooper finds out that his neighbor is the famous author R.L. Stine, played by Jack Black. Things get wild when Zach accidentally unlocks Stine’s magical books, releasing all the monsters into the real world. Now, Zach, Stine, and his friends must catch all the monsters and lock them back into the books to save their town from chaos.

It’s an adventurous ride filled with laughs, mild scares, and lots of monster-chasing action. This movie is great for kids who enjoy a good scare but also love a funny, adventurous story.

Why Kids Will Enjoy This Movie

It has a fun, spooky adventure that’s not too scary. It mixes humor with mild scares, making it exciting. Plus, the movie has friendly characters and teaches teamwork as they work together to save their town.

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4. A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting (2020)

One of the best spooky movies for kids I have watched!

Revolving around young babysitter Kelly Ferguson, who discovers there’s a hidden society of babysitters who protect kids from monsters. On Halloween night, things take a turn when the child she’s babysitting gets kidnapped by the Boogeyman. Now, with the help of a group of heroic babysitters, Kelly must brave the unknown and battle creepy creatures to save the child.

It’s a spooky, fun-filled adventure that turns ordinary babysitters into brave heroes facing off against colorful, eerie monsters. As Kelly dives deeper into the world of monster hunting, she discovers her own inner courage, learns the importance of teamwork, and forms unexpected friendships along the way.

Why Kids Will Enjoy This Movie

This is one of the best scary movies for kids for a reason. It is fun with just the right amount of spookiness for kids. It shows brave kids facing fears, working together, and saving the day. The imaginative story and colorful monsters make it exciting and enjoyable, making it perfect for a Halloween movie night.

5. Hubie Halloween (2020)

A fun and spooky movie set in the town of Salem. The story revolves around Hubie Dubois, a kind but quirky man who loves Halloween. Every year, Hubie makes it his mission to ensure everyone celebrates Halloween safely.

However, this year is different. When real danger lurks around town with people disappearing, it’s up to Hubie to solve the mystery and save the day. As Hubie investigates, he encounters hilarious situations and spooky surprises. Though nobody in town takes him seriously, Hubie is determined to catch the culprit and ensure a safe and happy Halloween for everyone.

Why Kids Will Enjoy This Movie

This is one of the good scary movies for kids because it has a lot of laughs, mild scares, and a good message about helping others and being kind. The goofy, funny situations Hubie finds himself in will keep kids entertained, and the Halloween setting makes it a great movie for the spooky season. Plus, it teaches kids the value of community and looking out for one another in a fun and engaging way.

6. Gnome Alone (2017)

A fun and colorful animated movie where young Chloe discovers her new home’s garden gnomes are alive. They’re on a mission to save the world from mischievous creatures called Troggs, who eat everything in their path.

Chloe and her friend Liam team up with the gnomes to fight off the Troggs and save their home. It’s an exciting adventure filled with laughs, teamwork, and adorable gnome characters.

Why Kids Will Enjoy This Movie

Kids will love “Gnome Alone” for its playful humor, cute characters, and exciting adventure. The story encourages teamwork and bravery, which are great lessons for young viewers. The animation is bright and engaging, keeping kids entertained while also delivering a fun, positive message about friendship and protecting your home. No wonder, this is one of the best choices when it comes to scary Halloween movies for kids.

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7. Monster House (2006)

Without a doubt, one of the best scary movies for kids on Netflix right now. 

This is a thrilling animated movie about three friends who discover that their neighbor’s house is actually a living, scary monster. During Halloween, the house starts terrifying the neighborhood. The brave trio decides to explore the house to uncover its secrets and save their neighborhood from its spooky threats. It’s an adventurous, slightly spooky tale full of friendship and courage.

Why Kids Will Enjoy This Movie

The movie has the right amount of spooky vibes perfect for Halloween, without being too scary. It also teaches the importance of teamwork, bravery, and understanding people’s feelings, making it both entertaining and educational for young viewers.

8. Nightbooks (2021)

“Nightbooks” is about a young boy named Alex who loves scary stories. One day, he gets trapped by a witch in a magical apartment. To stay alive, he must tell a scary story every night. With the help of another trapped girl named Yasmin, they plan to escape.

Together they face spooky challenges and discover the magic of storytelling while trying to outwit the witch. It’s a spooky, magical adventure that celebrates creativity and friendship.

Why Kids Will Enjoy This Movie

Kids will find “Nightbooks” exciting with its magical world and spooky tales. It encourages creativity and the joy of storytelling. The movie also shows the power of friendship and teamwork, making it both entertaining and inspiring for young viewers, especially those who love a good, scary story.


These scary movies for kids on Netflix offer the perfect blend of scares and humor to entertain young audiences, especially during the Halloween season. They also impart valuable life lessons on bravery, friendship, and teamwork. Grab some popcorn, gather the kids, and dive into these enchanting yet mildly spooky movies for kids for a fun family movie night!

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Which of these scary movies for Halloween have you already watched? Which of these good scary movies for kids are you planning on watching this Halloween with your little one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

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