Are You Left Brained or Right Brained? QUIZ

Are You Left Brained or Right Brained

Some people are excellent with logical reasoning while some people have creative juices flowing in them all the time. The credit goes to your dominant brain. Our brain is divided into left and right, and in each person, one part of the brain dominates over the other. Are you left brained or right brained? Take our fun quiz based on optical illusion and color test to know!

Although both sides of the brain are functional for you, the left and right brains work differently. 

The left brain functions include-

  • Logical thinking
  • Reasoning
  • Analytical
  • Spoken language 
  • Written language 
  • Number skills
  • Math/scientific skills
  • Control right side of body 

Left brain people are organized, analytical, goal-oriented, detail-oriented, and critical thinkers.  

The right brain functions include

  • Intuition
  • Music/art awareness
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Emotion
  • Face recognition 
  • Control the left side of the body

Right brain people are creative, expressive, free thinkers, imaginative, intuitive, and look at the bigger picture of life. 

Which part of the brain is dominant in you? What if you have both parts of the brain dominant? Find out with our left brained or right brained quiz!

To clear out the confusion about the left brained or right brained people, You have to take two tests: an optical illusion test and a color test. 


A) Optical Illusion Test: What Did You See First?

Note there are 7 optical illusion images with three options each. Take a look at each picture carefully and note down what you see first. Choose the options given below each image carefully. 

What you see first in this image reveals if you are a right-brainer or a left-brainer. Once you finish the optical illusion test, scroll down to know which brain side dominates you. 

Are you ready? 

Optical Illusion 1

optical illusion test - can you see an apple or two faces - find out if you are left or right brained.

What do you see first?

A) Apple
B) Two faces
C) Something else

Optical Illusion 2

what did you see first- optical illusion test - can you see white columns or two people result reveals you are left or right brained.

What do you see first?

A) White columns
B) Two people
C) Something else 

Optical Illusion 3

optical illusion test - can you see a skull or two children - find out if you are left or right brained.

What do you see first?

A) Skull
B) Two children
C) Something else

Optical Illusion 4

optical illusion test - can you see an old woman or young girl - find out if you are left or right brained.

What do you see first?

A) An old woman
B) A Young woman 
C) Something else

Optical Illusion 5

optical illusion test - can you see 3 columns or 4 columns - what you see first reveals if you are left-brained or right brained

What do you see first?

A) 3 columns
B) 4 columns
C) Something else

Optical Illusion 6

what did you see first - Duck or bunny? - your answer reveals if you are left brained or right brained person

What do you see first?

A) Duck
B) Bunny
C) Something else?

Optical Illusion 7

optical illusion test - what do you see first - a face or a collection of women - this reveals if you are left or right brained

What do you see first?

A) A face
B) A collection of women
C) Something else

Optical Illusion Test Answers (Are you left brained or right-brained?)

Scroll down to know 

1. You are Right brained if you selected More A options

Your right brain is more dominant than your left, which makes you a creative thinker. You are a spontaneous person and follow your heart over your head. People like your energy and spirit. You do not prefer practical solutions, but keep doing what you love doing. 

2. You are Left brained if you selected More B options

Your left brain is more dominant than your right, which makes you a logical thinker. You will go by facts and logic instead of intuition. Besides being practical, you are pretty detail-oriented. And have sharp memory, good organizational and planning skills. So, if there is a need to plan a surprise birthday party, people will turn to you for insights. 

3. You are Both Left and Right Brained if you chose more C options or an equal number of A and B options

It means you are both left and right-brained. Your brain tends to switch between creative and logical thinking depending on the situation at hand. You can come up with creative solutions to your problem. You know how to come out of trouble. No wonder why people count on you during a crisis. 

B) Now Take The Color Test

See the image below and read the color that you see instead of the word written.

fun color test - See the image below and read the color that you see instead of the word written.

Did you say the color more than the words?

If yes, then you are a right-brained person and vice-versa. Because the left brain focuses more on the language, while the right brain focuses more on the visuals represented. So, your left brain insists on reading the word, whereas your right brain encourages you to say color.

That’s the end of the test. 

Did you enjoy taking our left brain right brain test? Let us know in the comments and share it with your friends 🙂

Disclaimer: This optical illusion test and colour test is only for entertainment/infotainment purposes. Don’t let the results of the test paint the whole picture of your personality. Some studies support the left and right brain theory, while some studies claim that depending on the task at hand one brain area is more active than the other.  

Other fun tests to try:

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Are You Left Brained or Right Brained pin

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