Type A Personality Quiz: Do You See Tree, Roots Or Lips?


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How Type A You Really Are

Understanding your personality can allow you to set proper goals and improve for the better. Take this type A personality quiz to discover yourself!

The type A and B personality theory were introduced by Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman in the 1950s. According to the theory, there are two personality types.

Am I A Type A Personality Quiz Or A Type B Personality:

Those who come under the Type A side of the personality spectrum are more driven, more focused, more ambitious and more goal-oriented. They are also likely to get more stressed and more prone to mental breakdowns and physical illnesses.

On the other end of the spectrum are the people who come under the Type B side of the personality spectrum. These are people who are more laid back, go with the flow, and live in the present. They know how to enjoy the journey and also the destination.

Are You Type A Or Type B Personality?

It is also claimed that “Type A” people, are more likely to suffer from mental breakdowns and heart disease, because of their high-stress lifestyle, than “Type B” people.

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These two are the extreme ends of the personality spectrum and it’s always better to take the best of the both ends and have a balanced personality.

But in today’s highly competitive world, most people fall in the Type A personality spectrum. If you are wondering, if you’re a Type A personality, you’re in the right place.

This is a free type A personality test based on what you see first

Let’s get started! Look at the optical illusion that is below this text. What did you see first in the image that caught your attention?

Trees Roots Or Lips Optical Illusion Quiz

Once you’ve done this, scroll down and find out how what you saw reveals how much of a Type A personality you are.

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Results Based On What You Saw First – Tree, Roots Or Lips?

1. If You Saw The Tree Leaves…

If You Saw The Tree Leaves

If the first thing that caught your attention, when you looked at the image is “The leaves”, then my friend you’re a Type A for sure. You are highly ambitious and always on the go.

I would just advise you to learn to slow down and look around ocean a while. Enjoy a sunset or coffee or walks in the nature.

Enjoy the journey as well while you strive to reach your destination, my highly strung friend.

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2. If You Saw The Roots

If You Saw The Roots

If the first thing that caught your attention, when you looked at the image was “The roots”, then you are a little bit of Type – A.

You’re a bit organized and a bit forgetful. But be a little cautious to see if your Type a personality comes from your general anxiety about life and yourself.

More often than not, people who consider themselves to be Type A personality, suffer from High functioning depression and anxiety.

Make sure that you do not hide behind labels like Type A personality to stay in denial and do not see your mental anxiety and depression for what it is.

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3. If You Saw Lips

If You Saw Lips

If the first thing that caught your attention when you looked at the image was “The lips”, then you are not even remotely Type A

You probably knew it in your heart and didn’t want to take the test in the first place. I would just suggest you to get a little bit structure and order in your life along with the ability to slow down.

If you get the balance of a little drive and little laid back attitude, then you can have the best of both worlds.

So, what were your results for this optical illusion test? Did you see the tree, roots or lips first? Share your results in the comments below!

Type A Personality Test
Trees Roots Or Lips Optical Illusion Quiz
How Type A You Really Are Pin
Are You Type A Or Type B Personality?
Type A Personality Quiz See Tree Roots Or Lips pin

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  1. Joanna BG Avatar
    Joanna BG

    When the picture was very small on the page I clicked on I saw the form of lips. When I opened the page and scrolled down. I didnt really look at the picture scrolling past because my impression of the tiny sketch, until I noticed the trunks. I would recommend a different cover picture to get a true first impression.

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