What Color is Your Soul? – Mind Game

What Color is Your Soul? - Mind Game

Each and every person has a unique and distinctive colored soul that is similar to their aura. The color of your soul can be a simple reflection of who you are.

If you can choose a color to describe yourself, which one would you like to choose and why?

Even if you can’t see these colors in yourself or others, it’s always with the person from whose soul it emanates.

This quiz will tell you whether you have a kind personality or an evil one. Your soul can be in many different colors, or it can be a simple color. Do you have a black soul, or do you possibly have a white soul? You could go on for the rest of your life guessing, or you could take this quiz and know for sure.

The color of your soul reflects your deepest desires and qualities.

So how does your soul glow?

What Color is Your Soul? - Mind Game

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