9 Hidden Relationship Deal Breakers

9 Hidden Relationship Deal Breakers

Couples who recognize the potential negative impact of these overwhelming stressors and seek out professional help can weather these crises. With direction and skills, they can even come out stronger. But if they try by themselves to lean on resources that have been badly depleted, they can end up apart for all of the wrong reasons. A dealbreaker that could have been avoided has its way.


Most potential dealbreakers were present at the beginning of a new relationship, but did not feel threatening at the time. There were so many wonderful connections happening that the partners truly believed that they would be easy to overcome if they persisted or increased. Others were unpredictable, unexpected events that overextended the couple’s ability to conquer and continue.

For those of you who are newly in love, give each other the gift of courageously facing any thoughts, feelings, or behaviors that, over time, could threaten the love you are nourishing.

Your positive attachments have enormous power to challenge those potential dealbreakers before they can damage your relationship.

Written by Randi Gunther, Ph.D.
Originally appeared in Randi Gunther, Ph.D

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9 Hidden Relationship Deal Breakers

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