7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Single In Your Twenties

7 Reasons Why You Should Stay Single In Your Twenties

Travelling is such an amazing way to reinvent yourself, especially if you’re going solo. You get to experience the world and see what else is out there.

Perspective is priceless and you can only get that if you step out of your comfort zone.

6. You Have Complete Freedom to Build Your Network

Have you ever dated someone who’s just extremely jealous and doesn’t want you to talk to other people? If so, I can relate. I was that guy.

Because of my insecurities, I became controlling in most of my relationships which lead to the inevitable break up.

Your twenties should be spent connecting with as many people as you can to set you up for success. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

As the saying goes, your network is your net worth.

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7. You Can Focus On Finding Your Purpose

Self-discovery is such an intimate journey. It’s something you have to take on your own.

Your life becomes more meaningful once you know what you’re meant to do. Purpose dissipates neediness and the need for validation.

You stop looking for acceptance outside of yourself and that’s an amazing feeling once you get there.

Success in dating comes down to having a clear understanding on what you bring to the table. That’s why the best time to be in a relationship is when you don’t need to be in one.

Written by Myke Macapinlac
Originally appeared in The Good Men Project

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